Mindset and Motivation

Mindset and Motivation

Mindset and Motivation

This week on Mike’s Marketing Minutes, we’re talking about motivation and mindset.  Join me now…

Hey! It’s Mike here from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Today, I want to talk to you about “Mindset and Motivation.”


It’s interesting especially with what’s going on with COVID19. I’ve seen a lot of businesses just think that they’re not going to make it and they’ve really struggled. But I have also found that people that have had a really good mindset, those who really have this clarity and drive, they’ve just gone to strength to strength.


So why is that?


Let me sort of give you a bit of a heads up on how the mind works. I love the saying,

Mindset and Motivation


Our success in business is very much about what we think and it goes from our personal life. It goes in every single area of our life. So it’s really important that we stay motivated and we have that mindset of success.


Many years ago, I listened to the Earl Nightingales recording, “The Strangest Secret in the World” and in Earl Nightinggale’s recording it talks about a guy who is called Acres of Diamonds. The story goes on to say that this guy wanted to find diamonds. He was fascinated with it and he left his home. He sold his house. He did everything. He went to the other side of the world and eventually with his last breath he died and he didn’t find what he was looking for.


Acres of Diamonds - Mike's Marketing Minutes


What was interesting is this, the person who bought his house, after he bought his house literally found that he was sitting on acres of diamonds. So it was like sometimes, it’s important to know what you have rather than trying to look out there and trying to get something more.


Appreciate what you have and build on what you have. Build on your strengths. Build on who you are rather trying to copy somebody else. So i love the Thomas Edison verse that says,

Thomas Edison verse - Mike's Marketing Minutes

You know it’s crazy! Like as I have said, it really relates even to our personal life. I remember the story for me with regards to exercise.


I remember when i was in high school and I was on a camp. I had to go up. I’d climb up this sort of mountain and we were sort of doing a race a relay and I went up against this person. She just went straight up to the top and everyone laughed at me that I was slow and I wasn’t doing it as quick.



I always got this thing in my head that I’m not good. I’m not good at exercise  I don’t like exercise. I don’t like sport. I don’t like anything to do with that type of thing and it followed me through all of my life.


In the last five years I’ve really tried hard to get into the gym, but it hasn’t been something that I really have liked. Over the last few weeks, I’ve started to analyze because actually I think it’s important. I think it’s really important to be active, be alive and to push your body forward. I’m thinking, “Why don’t I feel that way?” and I remembered that it’s my mindset.


So the last couple of weeks, I’ve changed my mindset and only in like just one week, I’ve actually like the gains that i’ve got from lifting weights. I’ve gone like on a dead lift up to 30 kilos in two weeks. It’s just crazy! But it’s not that my muscles are stronger. It’s not like anything like that. It’s just that my mindset, my mind, says “I’m strong,” “I’m powerful,” “I can do this this,” “This is exciting,” and “This is challenging.”


You are stronger than you think -Mike's Marketing Minutes


I think these carries into every single area of your life and so this week I want to every day put up a motivational quote on social media and really encourage you to be more than what you can be.  Be more than what you think you could be and because you are what you think about all day long, it is what it is our brain will believe in. 


I hope you have enjoyed today and if you do have a favorite quote of success post it below in the comment section. I’d love to post it as well. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

Is Your Content Marketing Right?

Is Your Content Marketing Right?

Is Your Content Marketing Right


“Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.”Julie Fleischer

Given this thought, wouldn’t it be great if you can make your content marketing effective? 

So if you have started marketing your business online, you may be interested to know if it is working to your advantage. 

How do you know this? Let’s begin. 


Assess your KPI

Before embarking into anything that requires an output, you should always set indicators of success. 

You may have several goals in mind. Some of which are:

  • Increased web traffic for brand awareness
  • Increased sales through shopping carts
  • Increased leads through contact forms
  • Increased client engagement through the blog comments

Identify your goal and use it as your benchmark in measuring the success of your online content. 

Now, if you are new to content marketing and unsure of the indicators to use, here are some suggestions:


Content mapping

It is good that you are gaining audiences but to gain audiences from different areas of your scope is better. To do this, it is important to track your geographical reach. This will make you more aware of areas where your content marketing works and where it needs improvement. 


Heat mapping

Do you think merely getting views amounts to raising brand awareness? What if your 10,000 viewers engaged only at a single page in your website for 10 seconds or less? Does that increase your brand awareness? 

This is when heat mapping helps. In advertising, heat mapping is used to know the spot where audiences make more engagement. Nowadays, various software is available to track if all your pages are getting viewers and where engagement is more concentrated.


Social engagement

Another thing you may want to set as an indicator of success is your website’s social engagement. Do your posts get shared on social media platforms? Do people talk about your brand online? Are you gaining enquiries? 

These questions provide more valid proof of engagement than views. Since more people talk about your brand and ask questions, the more your brand sells. It indicates that you are actually attracting interested parties on your website. 

These are just some of the KPIs to assess to tell if you are doing your content marketing right. More key performance indicators are available to measure your improvement. In M Business and Marketing Solutions we aren’t just designing a website, we find ways to make it sells.

What’s more to know if you’re on the right track?


Understand that content marketing takes time

For content marketing to work, you must give it ample time. This means waiting for several months before you see the results. 

So if you give up on content marketing after just several weeks of poor engagement, you might have a wasted investment. As a popular saying in the business world goes, “A man who stops advertising to save money stops the clock to save time”. Therefore, it is best to be patient.

However, if you can’t afford the hassle of managing your content, you might need a good content marketer to help you out. Talk to us today and see what we have to offer.



To be able to track whether you are meeting your goals or not is very important in process that requires investment. Good thing that success in content marketing is something you can very well observed given the right expectations. 

Shifting to content marketing is a wise decision to make in this changing economy. With more people consulting the web for their needs, you’ll meet more potential clients online. Just remember that content marketing has its unique qualities which must be utilised for better result.

How blogging improves SEO

How blogging improves SEO

How blogging improves SEO - Mbusiness Solutions


Do you know that advertising your products or services on newspaper ads might still be effective back in 2010, but not today?

If this is the case, what is the trend that has taken over the marketing industry?

The answer is marketing through the WORLDWIDE WEB.  Therefore, gaining more knowledge on how you can use the “web” for your business will gain you a step ahead of the rest. 

Today, you’ll learn about how blogging helps in making your website rank online. But before we begin, here are some things that you need to know.


What is SEO?


The web is like a virtual marketplace. People search the web for the things they need, things they want to know and things that matter to them. What makes it engaging is that almost everything is a click away online. 

So if you venture the web to sell your products or services, you may also want your page to be accessible to your potential clients. However, creating a website for your business will not automatically get you, visitors.


Because there are millions of website floating in the world wide web, today. Sadly, your website will also be floating out there if you don’t do anything about it. 


What is SEO


That is when SEO comes in the picture. By optimising your site, pages and content, you are reaching more people who might be interested in what you are selling.

Now, how does blogging helps with optimising your page?


Blogging and SEO


“Cultivate visibility because attention is currency.” 

You might have heard of this quote from the author and marketing consultant, Chris Brogan. This holds true with managing business websites. The more content your website offers, the more it will be searchable online. 

Although, just placing various contents on your website will not optimise your page. Worse is that you’ll get lesser views and it might also be difficult for search engines to index your page. Relevance and helpfulness of your contents have a lot to do with optimising your page.

Why do we always mention “content”? 

It is because when we talk about content, a blog post is one of the best options. Here’s why: 


A blog can make room for keywords

Since a blog is more of text, it allows you to include as many keywords as possible. Using keywords is necessary to have your page indexed in search engines. They also beacon interested audiences to your website. That’s why creating a relevant blog post is essential to reinforce online visibility. 


A blog can offer more information

In order to index your page, search engines make use of site crawlers. Their role is to go over the uploaded content online to gather information used for indexing. Since blogs offer more readable information, indexing websites containing blogs is easier.


A blog can use links 

Utilising links is one efficient way to gain visibility online. It works like referrals in our physical world. Providing links in your content will lead the viewers to other sites you wished them to see. Blog happens to be convenient in placing links.



In reality, optimising your website to gain

visibility is not a day’s work. It requires time and constant effort. Therefore, starting early will really help. 

Should you wish assistance with managing your website? Talk to us today.

TikTok Ban

TikTok Ban

TikTok Ban

Hi! Mike here from MBusiness. This week we’re talking about Tiktok. Go join me.

I want to talk to you about Tiktok. It first started with India banning Tiktok in their country and if you know anything about web development and those sorts of things, India is always at the front. They know their stuff.


We also know that Donald Trump is also banning Tiktok. But how does that affect us? How does it affect the world? So what’s going on?


Well, we normally do follow America. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiktok is also going to get banned in Australia.


What’s all the big thing about Tiktok?


Well, it’s pretty much about a Chinese Government, you know the communist party has this thing that they’re able to access data from companies. Of course, TikTok is a Chinese company and so that means they can access our data. They can access U.S. data. They can access everybody.


So the US is banning TikTok starting on September 20. They have seen whether or not they can sell before then. And that’s exciting! That is very cool, especially for some of the big players, I think. Because if you look at these social media platforms:


You know Zuckerberg owns Facebook and Instagram,

You’ve got Microsoft who owns LinkedIn

Of course, you’ve got Google who owns Youtube and all those sorts of things


You know there could be another Big Player that jumps in, maybe Apple.


Apple has given some sort of idea around that. I think they may have put an offer in or whatever else, who knows? But right now, you know I think the first step which I heard on the

news this morning, and this is going to be interesting, is that TikTok is planning to sue Donald Trump.


So that’s where we’re at.


How does that all workaround for marketing and what’s going on in social media? I think one of the best advice I have heard, you know through the weekend I’ve been listening to a lot of social media podcasts, emails are your only safe bet.


At the end of the day, your email your collection, which is your customer’s emails, is really the safe bet on all of this. I mean at the end of the day, Facebook could go down or anything but your emails are always going to be solid. So always remember that one of the alternatives right now to TikTok is your emails.


Another exciting news! You may have seen it.


If you go to search in your Instagram, you’ll see brand new reels. Reels is very similar to TikTok but right now, I don’t think it’s got the same fun ability and the same community as TikTok. So let’s just see where that goes.


Youtube is also bringing out a new one coming at the end of the year. It’s called Youtube Shorts. Let’s see how that goes and it’s coming out of the end of the year. That’s going to try and rival where TikTok’s at so they’re the sort of replacements.


Hopefully, there’ll be something completely new that’s going to take it. But as I have said before, what’s really important is that you continue doing what you’re doing. But you should also just always remember that email is the most important thing. The more collection of emails the better.


I sort of got that this week thinking. “Man, I need to build my email marketing again and looking at those sorts of things again.”


So that’s basically it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think about this whole TikTok saga. Thanks for listening. Talk to you very soon.

Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

This week on Mike’s Marketing Minutes, we’re talking about the benefits of blogging. Join me now.

Hi! It’s Mike here from M Business and today we’re going to talk about the benefits of blogging.


This is a discussion about blogging for two things:


(1) Blogging to be the expert in your field and on how people perceive you, especially if they go to your website


(2) How blogging can help you with your search engine position because how you are ranked on Google is based on your keywords. So what blogging does is it allows you to be #1 an expert.

Pretty much when we talk about Google, it wants you to be an EXPERT.




Because Google wants websites that have clarity and basically a place where people can go for information to get what they need.


It’s really great now. I just did another recording before and I actually said “Siri” and when I said that it stopped the video because then “Siri” started talking to me. So I won’t do that this time!


But you know, some people might use google voice and we will talk to our phone now to get information. I might say, you know they search for things like:


What to look for in a builder for Brisbane or Toowoomba or you know darling downs or whatever area that we’re in. It might be the same for other services that we’re wanting and so the information that comes up if you write blogs in that manner can really help you because people can be searching for it and then they go hang on a minute this is a guy from a local area that’s giving me this information let’s have a look and let’s give him a call and away you go. So that’s really the key area for blogging.

Link Building - Mikes Marketing Minutes

Blogging is a strategy we use to build links. Now Google loves links and Google loves the fact when websites have internal links so when we do a blog we do an internal link so it might be saying things like “Go to our contact page” or Go to our gallery” to have a look at more information or it might have an internal link to another blog that helps the reader with more information on the subjects that we’re talking about.


The other types of links that Google really likes are authority links or links that basically prove what you’re actually saying. So it might be a link from a really good website. Like it might be a news website or it might be a certain you know university website or something that gives that real clarity and you get a tick for that.



Google loves external links. This is when you post a blog somewhere else on other people’s websites and people click on those links that go back to your website. Google gives you another tick that allows you, which really helps you with your search engine results because they see that people are wanting to know about you. So then Google will put you up in your

search results, which is fantastic.


This might mean putting a blog across Facebook, Instagram, or it might be on Google My Business. So they’re the things that we do to help get your blog into where it needs to go. If you need a hand with your blog or if you need a hand with search engine optimization, give us a call.



I would love to have a bit of a chat and if you’ve got any questions please post below. I’m more than happy to reply. Have a great afternoon! Talk to you very soon.