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Benefits of Blogging

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Video

This week on Mike’s Marketing Minutes, we’re talking about the benefits of blogging. Join me now.

Hi! It’s Mike here from M Business and today we’re going to talk about the benefits of blogging.


This is a discussion about blogging for two things:


(1) Blogging to be the expert in your field and on how people perceive you, especially if they go to your website


(2) How blogging can help you with your search engine position because how you are ranked on Google is based on your keywords. So what blogging does is it allows you to be #1 an expert.

Pretty much when we talk about Google, it wants you to be an EXPERT.




Because Google wants websites that have clarity and basically a place where people can go for information to get what they need.


It’s really great now. I just did another recording before and I actually said “Siri” and when I said that it stopped the video because then “Siri” started talking to me. So I won’t do that this time!


But you know, some people might use google voice and we will talk to our phone now to get information. I might say, you know they search for things like:


What to look for in a builder for Brisbane or Toowoomba or you know darling downs or whatever area that we’re in. It might be the same for other services that we’re wanting and so the information that comes up if you write blogs in that manner can really help you because people can be searching for it and then they go hang on a minute this is a guy from a local area that’s giving me this information let’s have a look and let’s give him a call and away you go. So that’s really the key area for blogging.

Link Building - Mikes Marketing Minutes

Blogging is a strategy we use to build links. Now Google loves links and Google loves the fact when websites have internal links so when we do a blog we do an internal link so it might be saying things like “Go to our contact page” or Go to our gallery” to have a look at more information or it might have an internal link to another blog that helps the reader with more information on the subjects that we’re talking about.


The other types of links that Google really likes are authority links or links that basically prove what you’re actually saying. So it might be a link from a really good website. Like it might be a news website or it might be a certain you know university website or something that gives that real clarity and you get a tick for that.



Google loves external links. This is when you post a blog somewhere else on other people’s websites and people click on those links that go back to your website. Google gives you another tick that allows you, which really helps you with your search engine results because they see that people are wanting to know about you. So then Google will put you up in your

search results, which is fantastic.


This might mean putting a blog across Facebook, Instagram, or it might be on Google My Business. So they’re the things that we do to help get your blog into where it needs to go. If you need a hand with your blog or if you need a hand with search engine optimization, give us a call.



I would love to have a bit of a chat and if you’ve got any questions please post below. I’m more than happy to reply. Have a great afternoon! Talk to you very soon.