Is Your Content Marketing Right

“Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.”Julie Fleischer

Given this thought, wouldn’t it be great if you can make your content marketing effective? 

So if you have started marketing your business online, you may be interested to know if it is working to your advantage. 

How do you know this? Let’s begin. 


Assess your KPI

Before embarking into anything that requires an output, you should always set indicators of success. 

You may have several goals in mind. Some of which are:

  • Increased web traffic for brand awareness
  • Increased sales through shopping carts
  • Increased leads through contact forms
  • Increased client engagement through the blog comments

Identify your goal and use it as your benchmark in measuring the success of your online content. 

Now, if you are new to content marketing and unsure of the indicators to use, here are some suggestions:


Content mapping

It is good that you are gaining audiences but to gain audiences from different areas of your scope is better. To do this, it is important to track your geographical reach. This will make you more aware of areas where your content marketing works and where it needs improvement. 


Heat mapping

Do you think merely getting views amounts to raising brand awareness? What if your 10,000 viewers engaged only at a single page in your website for 10 seconds or less? Does that increase your brand awareness? 

This is when heat mapping helps. In advertising, heat mapping is used to know the spot where audiences make more engagement. Nowadays, various software is available to track if all your pages are getting viewers and where engagement is more concentrated.


Social engagement

Another thing you may want to set as an indicator of success is your website’s social engagement. Do your posts get shared on social media platforms? Do people talk about your brand online? Are you gaining enquiries? 

These questions provide more valid proof of engagement than views. Since more people talk about your brand and ask questions, the more your brand sells. It indicates that you are actually attracting interested parties on your website. 

These are just some of the KPIs to assess to tell if you are doing your content marketing right. More key performance indicators are available to measure your improvement. In M Business and Marketing Solutions we aren’t just designing a website, we find ways to make it sells.

What’s more to know if you’re on the right track?


Understand that content marketing takes time

For content marketing to work, you must give it ample time. This means waiting for several months before you see the results. 

So if you give up on content marketing after just several weeks of poor engagement, you might have a wasted investment. As a popular saying in the business world goes, “A man who stops advertising to save money stops the clock to save time”. Therefore, it is best to be patient.

However, if you can’t afford the hassle of managing your content, you might need a good content marketer to help you out. Talk to us today and see what we have to offer.



To be able to track whether you are meeting your goals or not is very important in process that requires investment. Good thing that success in content marketing is something you can very well observed given the right expectations. 

Shifting to content marketing is a wise decision to make in this changing economy. With more people consulting the web for their needs, you’ll meet more potential clients online. Just remember that content marketing has its unique qualities which must be utilised for better result.