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How blogging improves SEO - Mbusiness Solutions


Do you know that advertising your products or services on newspaper ads might still be effective back in 2010, but not today?

If this is the case, what is the trend that has taken over the marketing industry?

The answer is marketing through the WORLDWIDE WEB.  Therefore, gaining more knowledge on how you can use the “web” for your business will gain you a step ahead of the rest. 

Today, you’ll learn about how blogging helps in making your website rank online. But before we begin, here are some things that you need to know.


What is SEO?


The web is like a virtual marketplace. People search the web for the things they need, things they want to know and things that matter to them. What makes it engaging is that almost everything is a click away online. 

So if you venture the web to sell your products or services, you may also want your page to be accessible to your potential clients. However, creating a website for your business will not automatically get you, visitors.


Because there are millions of website floating in the world wide web, today. Sadly, your website will also be floating out there if you don’t do anything about it. 


What is SEO


That is when SEO comes in the picture. By optimising your site, pages and content, you are reaching more people who might be interested in what you are selling.

Now, how does blogging helps with optimising your page?


Blogging and SEO


“Cultivate visibility because attention is currency.” 

You might have heard of this quote from the author and marketing consultant, Chris Brogan. This holds true with managing business websites. The more content your website offers, the more it will be searchable online. 

Although, just placing various contents on your website will not optimise your page. Worse is that you’ll get lesser views and it might also be difficult for search engines to index your page. Relevance and helpfulness of your contents have a lot to do with optimising your page.

Why do we always mention “content”? 

It is because when we talk about content, a blog post is one of the best options. Here’s why: 


A blog can make room for keywords

Since a blog is more of text, it allows you to include as many keywords as possible. Using keywords is necessary to have your page indexed in search engines. They also beacon interested audiences to your website. That’s why creating a relevant blog post is essential to reinforce online visibility. 


A blog can offer more information

In order to index your page, search engines make use of site crawlers. Their role is to go over the uploaded content online to gather information used for indexing. Since blogs offer more readable information, indexing websites containing blogs is easier.


A blog can use links 

Utilising links is one efficient way to gain visibility online. It works like referrals in our physical world. Providing links in your content will lead the viewers to other sites you wished them to see. Blog happens to be convenient in placing links.



In reality, optimising your website to gain

visibility is not a day’s work. It requires time and constant effort. Therefore, starting early will really help. 

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