HELP! My website is a mess and I am at loss on what to do?

HELP! My website is a mess and I am at loss on what to do?

Do you share the sentiments of the below individuals?

Website rescue toowoomba brisbane
“The last person who fixed my website is simply nowhere to be found, he just disappeared into thin air and I am losing valuable time and money each time. I need to rescue.”


“I keep on receiving email spams from my website. I believe my website has been compromised.”


“I have hired someone to make my website mobile friendly and responsive, but it’s taking too long for it to be finished.”


Are you someone who needs help because you believe to be a victim of 


>>> Website hacks

>>> Poorly converting websites

>>> Too many error pages and broken links

>>> Unresponsive web pages 

>>> Low ranking web pages


Or do you simply want to improve your website after not doing anything with it for the past five years?


Yes! The website has to be redesigned and restructured if it shows the following signs:


  • Your conversion rate has dropped
  • You’re not ranking on Google
  • You’re using a very complicated content management system (CMS)
  • Your competitors are beating you left and right with their campaigns
  • You need it to look and match your brand


This is your LUCKY day. We are here so you can SAY GOODBYE to all of these website worries and concerns. 


We are a team of experts who have helped over 100 small and medium businesses in South Queensland including Toowoomba, Warwick, Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Dalby with these concerns:


>>> Website Design and Development

>>> Search engine optimisation (SEO)

>>> Search engine marketing (PPC)


We’ve increased the leads of many businesses after redesigning their website. Here’s what they have to say:


We have had a great website developed for us. Nothing was too hard. Also, ongoing help and support are great. Leah & Nelson of


“Through the development of our website, search engine optimization and Facebook for Business training. We have seems a dramatic climb in website traffic to our business. We would like to thank M Business & Marketing Solutions for all their work.” – Karla Bacon of


“Mike and Olivia have been looking after my Website and SEO for a few years now. I am very happy with the Website he created for me and we rank very well in Google generating a good amount of leads.” Liam Francisco of


Enjoy the same benefits for your business. Call us on 0447 776 970 so you can start saying goodbye to these frustrations:


>>> Endlessly waiting for your website to go live

>>> Simple website edits that costs $$$

>>> Poorly désigned websites

>>> Web developers that disappear out of the blue


Send us a message to get your FREE QUOTE from us. Earn more money from your website. Contact us, today.


How do we rescue your website from a complete disaster?

Our process is very simple. Take a look at how we handle this for your:


Step 1: We sit with you to know the problems with your website. 

Step 2: We provide website and SEO solutions for these problems.

Step 3: We agree on a set date when we can complete these tasks. 

Step 4: We send you a quote for all of the services we’ll deliver. 

Step 5: We do the job as we have stated and delivered it to you. 


All of these we do for you via a FIXED RATE. There is absolutely:


  • NO extra costs
  • NO hidden fees
  • NO time delay


We have been doing this for over 20 years with over 100 clients in Queensland. Just look at some of the businesses we have been servicing. 

So what are you waiting for? The Holiday season is fast approaching. Prepare your business, TODAY! Send us a message.

Why Website Holiday Season Planning is Important

Why Website Holiday Season Planning is Important

As the holiday season is not just the season to celebrate, it has also become synonymous with shopping, renovation, promos and deals. This means more traffic expected to flood your website. Thus, it is important to prepare your website for the coming spike of visitors during this season.

website readiness holiday


1. Website load time is lagging

If your website’s load time is lagging, your visitors may get annoyed and go to a competitor site. Customers are always in a hurry so expect them to easily turn away if your page is loading like a turtle. So, ensure that your website page load time is at optimum speed.

2. Website downtime 

Often, websites share a server with another website. This can cause your website’s downtime especially if you’re sharing with a bad neighbour. Also, cheap shared-hosting pose dangers to your site. Talk to us should you need to upgrade your website hosting. 

3. Sudden major changes can affect functionalities

If you plan to make major changes in your site, it is better to do it ahead of the holiday season. If you made major changes just right before the holiday, it may affect your site’s functionality. 

Get your website revamped at half the price. Learn more about our New Financial Year Sale promo. 

4. Unoptimised Website

Search Engine Otimisation is now a must for any business website. Otherwise, you will not be seen online. However, business owners have a tendency to overlook this process when changing themes. Thus, it is important to choose a digital agency that will not only make your website look festive, but will also make you appear on the top pages of search engine results. 

5. Long queuing in the customer assistance

It is common to have an online assistant or a live chat feature on the website. But as the holiday season comes in, the volume of inquiries can rise up. Adding online staffs early before the holidays will give you time to train them on the work to do. This will lessen the customer’s waiting time for someone to assist them.

These are just a few of the reasons why preparing and planning ahead of time will make things easier for you. Problems will always be there but being prepared for it takes away the possibilities of it becoming grave.

Hiring a professional web developer and web designers in Toowoomba and Brisbane can ease your trouble in keeping your site on top of the line. They are knowledgeable in the areas to improve and develop to keep your website work at its best. You can ensure that your client will have a smooth and fast experience within your site.

Send us a message to schedule an appointment with us. 

How To Prioritize Your Time

How To Prioritize Your Time

How To Prioritize Your Time



Hey there! It’s me, Mike from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Come and join me for another of Mike’s Marketing Minutes.


For today, our topic is about how to truly prioritize your time. It’s a short week you see. On Easter Monday, we’ve got ANZAC Day and we only have three days to make it work. That’s why this session is all about prioritizing time. It’s about focus and consistency.


Now, let us start…


For Australia, this is a short full packed week. There’s the Easter Monday, Today’s Tuesday, and Thursday is ANZAC Day. weekends here and the biggest enemy of a busy week are interrupters. Those people who interrupt and waste your time.


With interrupters, your week might just go by and you’ll end up asking where your days have gone. Where did it all go? I’d lie to break down how you can avoid this.


How can You Prioritise your Time?


First, you can start breaking down your things-to-do into categories. For example,


  • Find what time is your peak time. – this is the time where you cannot be disturbed. It is where you need to be most focused and do your work.


As for me, I’ve put up a Do Not Disturb sign on my door during these times.


Second, analyse your every task very well. Try writing them down one by one and create a step by step list. Check or slash out a task once done. If there’s a task that is left – continue on them on your next day.


Keep in mind the SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-measured. Use this to effectively achieve your goals for the day.


Then for the third one – Identify external factors that are just really wasting your time. This will help you eliminate interrupters and become prepared for them. You can create an interrupter log if you want to keep a record of those things.


Interrupter Log


Olivia created an interrupter log and it really did show the things that are interrupting us. Make sure to take note of the main interrupter. This way you get aware of the things, people or situations that waste your time.

Then fourth – Allocate your tasks with time. Use a time table or a diary of appointments. Create a time allocation per task. Just keep it ideal and real. You may have lunchtime as your break.


If you don’t know where you’re at – take a little break, breathe and look at these four things again. Find, Analyze, Identify then Allocate.

Hopefully, you can have a fantastic week ahead through this technique. See you again for more Mike’s Marketing Minutes. Talk to you again soon!

The Difference between Lookouts and Strategic Alliances

The Difference between Lookouts and Strategic Alliances

The Difference between Lookouts and Strategic Alliances



Hi, it’s Mike here again from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Come and join me again for another of Mike’s Marketing Minutes.

For today, we will talk about the difference between lookouts and strategic alliances.

You may not be aware of this but let me enlighten you on this. Within the marketing industry, there are specific sources you use where all your leads come from. May it be from referrals, social media ads or straight direct marketing.


But do you know that lookouts and strategic alliances are the greatest ones you can use to advertise your business? If not yet, let me help you.


What are Lookouts?


Lookouts are the people you meet personally. It might be from a coffee shop or book store. You can share your brochure or your business cards. Olivia and I did that when we first moved in Toowoomba. We out cards everywhere to gain referrals even from coffee shops.


Just let me clarify this, we get the referrals not from the persons in the coffee shops but from the cards we placed there. After that, we took things to the next level. We made a deal to a person that if he knew someone who needs to create a website – just ring me up and I’ll give him $150 if it’s a closed deal. That’s your lookout.


What is the Strategic Alliance?


On the other hand, the strategic alliance may not involve money. It can work two-way. You give them something and they’ll give you back the favour. It’s like they can refer you then you’ll refer them too.


For example, for us, it can be an IT Company that don’t do web development – they can refer us and in return, I can endorse their products and services. We have the same type of customer and line of business. We scratch each other back. With this, you might get into something fantastic.


You might be a builder and you got an ally whose a renovator that needs to renovate a driveway – they can call on you. Words of mouth is a great way to get people to know you. You can work together with them. This will depend on what type of business you are in.


Try teaming up with other companies that are in the same line of business as you are. Both of you can benefit each other.



Hopefully, you have enjoyed this and you can use this in your future business transactions. May you be able to join me again on my next video. Talk to you again soon!