As the holiday season is not just the season to celebrate, it has also become synonymous with shopping, renovation, promos and deals. This means more traffic expected to flood your website. Thus, it is important to prepare your website for the coming spike of visitors during this season.

website readiness holiday


1. Website load time is lagging

If your website’s load time is lagging, your visitors may get annoyed and go to a competitor site. Customers are always in a hurry so expect them to easily turn away if your page is loading like a turtle. So, ensure that your website page load time is at optimum speed.

2. Website downtime 

Often, websites share a server with another website. This can cause your website’s downtime especially if you’re sharing with a bad neighbour. Also, cheap shared-hosting pose dangers to your site. Talk to us should you need to upgrade your website hosting. 

3. Sudden major changes can affect functionalities

If you plan to make major changes in your site, it is better to do it ahead of the holiday season. If you made major changes just right before the holiday, it may affect your site’s functionality. 

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4. Unoptimised Website

Search Engine Otimisation is now a must for any business website. Otherwise, you will not be seen online. However, business owners have a tendency to overlook this process when changing themes. Thus, it is important to choose a digital agency that will not only make your website look festive, but will also make you appear on the top pages of search engine results. 

5. Long queuing in the customer assistance

It is common to have an online assistant or a live chat feature on the website. But as the holiday season comes in, the volume of inquiries can rise up. Adding online staffs early before the holidays will give you time to train them on the work to do. This will lessen the customer’s waiting time for someone to assist them.

These are just a few of the reasons why preparing and planning ahead of time will make things easier for you. Problems will always be there but being prepared for it takes away the possibilities of it becoming grave.

Hiring a professional web developer and web designers in Toowoomba and Brisbane can ease your trouble in keeping your site on top of the line. They are knowledgeable in the areas to improve and develop to keep your website work at its best. You can ensure that your client will have a smooth and fast experience within your site.

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