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How To Prioritize Your Time

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Video



Hey there! It’s me, Mike from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Come and join me for another of Mike’s Marketing Minutes.


For today, our topic is about how to truly prioritize your time. It’s a short week you see. On Easter Monday, we’ve got ANZAC Day and we only have three days to make it work. That’s why this session is all about prioritizing time. It’s about focus and consistency.


Now, let us start…


For Australia, this is a short full packed week. There’s the Easter Monday, Today’s Tuesday, and Thursday is ANZAC Day. weekends here and the biggest enemy of a busy week are interrupters. Those people who interrupt and waste your time.


With interrupters, your week might just go by and you’ll end up asking where your days have gone. Where did it all go? I’d lie to break down how you can avoid this.


How can You Prioritise your Time?


First, you can start breaking down your things-to-do into categories. For example,


  • Find what time is your peak time. – this is the time where you cannot be disturbed. It is where you need to be most focused and do your work.


As for me, I’ve put up a Do Not Disturb sign on my door during these times.


Second, analyse your every task very well. Try writing them down one by one and create a step by step list. Check or slash out a task once done. If there’s a task that is left – continue on them on your next day.


Keep in mind the SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-measured. Use this to effectively achieve your goals for the day.


Then for the third one – Identify external factors that are just really wasting your time. This will help you eliminate interrupters and become prepared for them. You can create an interrupter log if you want to keep a record of those things.


Interrupter Log


Olivia created an interrupter log and it really did show the things that are interrupting us. Make sure to take note of the main interrupter. This way you get aware of the things, people or situations that waste your time.

Then fourth – Allocate your tasks with time. Use a time table or a diary of appointments. Create a time allocation per task. Just keep it ideal and real. You may have lunchtime as your break.


If you don’t know where you’re at – take a little break, breathe and look at these four things again. Find, Analyze, Identify then Allocate.

Hopefully, you can have a fantastic week ahead through this technique. See you again for more Mike’s Marketing Minutes. Talk to you again soon!