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Social media has opened such a huge platform for people to promote their business. M Business & Marketing Solutions offer social media marketing that can help you increase your online visibility by improving the social media presence of your business.

You know you need it, but you just can’t seem to work it out or have much success in getting any business out of it. Look, we know where you’re coming from. There is so much now out there, a lot of people really don’t know where to start. You might think that Social Media is only for the young. Let us give you the facts that were collected from the Pew Research Centre last year.

Facebook Training - Social Media Marketing

Out of all the internet users worldwide:

  • 79% use Facebook
  • 32% use Instagram
  • 24% use Twitter
  • 29% use LinkedIn
  • 31% use Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Is Crucial

The majority, if not all, of your target audience, is using social media no matter what industry your business belongs in.  Supported by all the statistics, this makes social media marketing not just an option, but a must! If you look into the number of social media users not just in Australia but worldwide, you can easily reach your target audience. Our experts can create the perfect social media marketing strategy that is effective in gaining more leads. Not only that! With the help of our social media marketing experts, you can engage and connect with your clients and customers.

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We would love to help you with understanding on how you can reach your targeted audience with your message. Get in touch with us on the form provided and we will also give you a bonus.

It’s a quick video on the 5 ways to gain more fans, likes on your posts and reviews for Facebook. It’s something you can do while you are with your existing customers face to face. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you. Fill in your details so we can share it with you, these techniques. You may also call us at 0447 776 970.


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