Where do you get your enquiries from?

by | May 28, 2020 | Video

Hi everybody!


Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia. Today, I want to talk to you about where do your inquiries come from?


A lot of people say, “Look, my enquiries are completely word of mouth. That’s where it comes from.” Other people might say,


“Look, it’s from Adwords.”

“ It’s from Google.”

“It’s from Facebook.”

“It’s from my website.”

“It’s from my business cards.”

“It’s from a mail-out.”




How do you actually know us a business? How do you actually clearly find out where it’s from?


This is a hard one, especially if you were doing multiple marketing strategies and a lot of the time all of it works. Let me give you an example.


You know a person who may be searching on Google. They might be looking for say a builder or they might be looking for a backhoe operator or whatever that they’re looking for and they see your details. And then it goes, Oh, hang on a minute. That’s the guy that I used before, or that’s the guy that my friend John gave me, you know what I mean? So then they ring up and they say, ”I’m wanting to book in, or I’m wanting to get this from wanting to get that.” And then you might ask them,


“How did you find us at all?”

“I met John and got you.”

“Oh yeah. Okay.”


Was it from Google? It wasn’t from John. So there are a few areas there. It might be a combination.


where do you get enquiries


It may be that you’ve done some remarketing on Facebook. So a person may have gone to the website based on Google. Then they’ve gone on to Instagram or Facebook and an ad is popped up.


“Oh, wow, that’s right. I went to that website or I did that. Or might not even remember that they’ve gone there and then they’ve clicked off Facebook. But originally it was from Google that went from Google to your website to Facebook”


So what is the best ways to find out? Look, technically, there are ways for you to find out where your enquiries are coming from.


Google definitely has a pay-per-click. They can actually show you when the person sent an email or rang, including the time when it happened and all those sorts of things.


There is actually a pod on your website where you can actually have a circumstance where you can see where links have come from to your website. So if you have a directory, the directory comes out and it gives you a big list of all of these. You know, “I got a click from this and they got to click from, and they’ve got to click from that.”


And you’re like, “Ah, is this correct?”


Well, you can actually go on the back of your website. If you want to know a little bit more about that, I’m more than happy to have a discussion with you about how to do that.  To be honest with you, the best way is to ask.  


Everyone has to have a system put in place. Every single enquiry needs to written somewhere, whether it’s a book or even if it’s something simple, something that you have filled in. So at the end of the month, all of the enquiries that have come in, you’re able to have a good understanding where it has come from.


Okay. So you got it from Google.


Do you know anybody else who’s had worked with us before?


“Oh yeah. My next-door neighbour and then I went to Google.”


So it’s from Google and it’s from the next-door neighbour and all those sorts of things. But at least, you know all of that enquiry is working.


You might have some advertising on a bus and the person saw it and then thought, I don’t know what the phone number is and then they went to Google or they went to Facebook. Do you know what I mean?


So asking is the best way. But what you could also do is in your enquiries, like if you do an advert on Facebook, you can do an enquiry.  


In one of those dropdowns, you can ask, “How did you find us? How did you come to be on our ad? How did you do that?” This is especially useful if you have a website because you can add that on your contact form. You can actually put, “Where did you find us and just add a drop-down so you can actually have that information.




The reason why I’m saying it’s really important that you know where your enquiries come from is this: Because if you just think it’s from word of mouth, or if you just think it’s from mail drop or whatever else? You wouldn’t know if these are working at the same time.


Where Did you get the enquiry from?


What happens if you are spending thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars for marketing strategy, but that strategy isn’t working? So, you know this is a big thing! Thus, I really believe it’s really important to ask every single person, “Where did you find us?” Where did you get the enquiry from? That’s pretty much it, but if you want to understand a little bit more about it, then give me a call. I’d love to have a chat to talk about it. That’s about it. Thank you so much for Mike’s Marketing Minutes and we’ll catch up with you next time. See you later.