This is a snapshot of some of our client’s websites we have developed.



Dynamic Drilling - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Dynamic Drilling

Dynamic Drilling focuses on providing optimum water bore and water monitoring and decommissioning bore drilling services on a small but high quality scale in West QLD. It has the expertise to cover the majority of drilling applications within Australia.

Auspring Industries - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Auspring Industries

Auspring Industries in Warwick, Queensland is the spring supplier of choice for many industries. Here you can buy springs of all kinds, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and even custom made spring.

Hose Suppliers - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Hose Suppliers

Hose Suppliers is the trusted hose fittings supplier in Australia. They provide specialist servicing to the industrial hose fittings, vee belt and marine markets. Hose Suppliers can provide you the products that you need whether you are looking for hose fittings for a small or large scale project.

Hydraulic Sales - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Hydraulic Sales

Hydraulic Sales is a qualified diesel fitter servicing a variety of industries including construction, mining and agriculture in Toowoomba. They provide sales and repairs at their workshop or onsite. Hydraulic Sales has a fully stocked mobile van delivering a 24 hrs, 7 days a week mobile hose service under the Hiflex banner.

Drayton Engineering - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Drayton Engineering

Drayton Engineering focuses in hydraulic cylinder repairs for Toowoomba and throughout Queensland in Northern NSW. These include remanufacturing of damage cylinder and oversize honing of up to 420 mm diameter. Drayton Engineering Services can provide sales of hydraulic seals, O-rings and Gland-bushes.

BJ Hydraulics - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

BJ Hydraulics

BJ Hydraulics has a refined reputation and is a key player in the hydraulic industry in the Darling Downs and surrounding areas. Their services include hydraulic systems, palfinger and hiab crane servicing, engineering services, field services, hydraulic hose and fittings, emergency breakdowns, etc.

Downs Water Warehouse - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Downs Water Warehouse

Downs Water Warehouse is a pumping and irrigation retailer in Toowoomba. They stock a large range of water products such as pumps,fittings, pipes, valves, filtration and everything in between to suit agricultural, domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Sales, repairs and installation of pumps, irrigation systems and pipelines are also part of their services.

Professional Hydraulics - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

Professional Hydraulics

Professional Hydraulics is a hose fixer and hydraulic company in Australia. They provide their customers with mobile hydraulic repair, maintenance, high pressure hose manufacturing and replacement organization.

The Davey Group - Engineering, Hydraulics, Hose Repairs & Suppliers

The Davey Group

The Davey Hydraulics is an engineering manufacturing company in Toowoomba. They operate three divisions: general engineering, road transport trailers, and agricultural machinery and equipment.