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Is this your first time hearing the phrase “accessibility in website design?” If it is so, then it is high time you learn the benefits this can bring to your digital marketing success, today.


What is Accessibility in Website Design for Toowoomba?


Read Write as defined by writer Emma Jones describes it as:


“Accessibility in digital marketing includes the different design practices that make it easy for people with special abilities to get the best out of the brand. Hence, it is a crucial step to ensure that everyone can enjoy the services, products, and brand.”


Different Examples of Accessibility in Digital Marketing for Your Toowoomba Business


Are you ready to learn about some successful examples of digital marketing accessibility? Here’s a quick overview:


First, let’s talk about inclusive experiences. Your digital marketing strategy should make it easy for both offline and online users to engage with your content. This means ensuring that your initiatives are accessible through various channels.


Next up, let’s talk about email marketing. You can make your email campaigns highly accessible by including features like:


  • Proper headings
  • Alt text
  • Descriptive subject lines
  • Plain text versions


Social media is also an important part of digital marketing accessibility. Princeton University offers guidelines for making social media content highly accessible to people with special abilities, including those who require audio, visual, text, and image content.


If you want to make your videos more accessible, consider adding:


  • Captions
  • Transcriptions
  • Music
  • Sound effects


Accessible videos are more likely to be viewed by a wider audience.


Content accessibility is another important aspect of digital marketing accessibility. By using proper:


  • Heading tags
  • Sub-headings
  • Headlines
  • Lists


You can increase readability and optimize your SEO benefits. Adding descriptive link text and accessible file uploading also helps increase content accessibility.


When it comes to web design accessibility, choosing the right font, optimizing navigation, and using accessible call-to-action (CTA) buttons are key. Sans serif fonts and font size of 12 are recommended for readability. Using keywords in menus and buttons can help with navigation, and your CTA should be easy to click.


Finally, it’s important to make your images and graphics accessible to everyone. To do this, you can use:


  • Infographics
  • Complementing colors
  • Alt text


You should also remember to export your infographics as PDFs instead of images so that they can be read by assistive devices.


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