“I want to rank in Google Search.”

This is the common, if not the primary reason why people and businesses and hire the services of a digital marketing company. However, very few understand that ranking in Google entails several factors. This includes the following:

  •  High-quality content
  •  Reputable links
  •  Online reviews
  •  Degree of competition


These and other factors have to be taken into consideration by your chosen digital marketing company. Nevertheless, all of these requires T-I-M-E, before you can see results. That is if you are pushing on Organic SEO build-up. 




It’s because your digital marketing company in Queensland will need to build on links, produce high-quality content, and engage clients to give your more positive reviews online. That doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it may take 6 months or longer, especially if you are on a very competitive keyword niche.


Should you choose SEO or PPC To Pay or Not To Pay



But I WANT TO RANK NOW! Is there a way?

There is a way! Spend via Google Ads.

Yes! There is a good reason why Google is investing time and effort in ensuring it only delivers the best content providers when you perform a Google search. This is to give the best user experience to anyone searching for products and services online. Thus, if you want a shortcut to this algorithmic patterned design by the Google Masters, then you need to pay.

How much do I need to pay?

It varies depending on the keyword you have selected. To give you an overview of how much these Google Ads generally would cost, see the table below:


When is it worth doing a Google Ads?

To be honest, not because you have the money to spend you should immediately hop on into Google Ads. Do so if and only if you have the following factors checked:


A Clear Unique Selling Proposition

You may land a top spot in Google due to your paid ads, but without a clear proposition to sell to your target market, it will end up a fluke. So sit down and know what you wish to offer to your potential clients or customers. It could be one or something similar to the below:

Real Cost of Google Adword

  •  50% off on all XXX
  •  Buy one take one
  •  20% discount only until xxx
  •  Refer a friend and get xxx
  •  FREE first-month subscription 


It has to be something realizable for your customers to easily identify themselves with the offer you are pitching to them.  


Target Market: Location

Where will these ads show? Rather than putting an entire country, choose state or towns. In this way, you can better target your market. 


How much are you willing to spend

Lastly, how much are you willing to spend before you start getting the Return of Your Investment (ROI). Will it be 300 AUD in a month or 300 AUD in a week? 

Telling your digital marketing company of choice these details will help them show you how much your ads will reach. Thus, not giving you false expectations.



Although Google Paid Search seems very inviting because it’s easy and more convenient, investing in an Organic SEO campaign has proven to be more profitable in the long run. Keywords that are properly optimised often stay on top of page results for a longer period.

How long?

It is not surprising to see a keyword stay on top of these organic search results for a year to three years. That is unless other competitors have done their job in optimising the same set of keywords for another company.

Nevertheless, if you are beating the holiday rush and wish to get the attention of more customers to land that sale, then go ahead and choose a
Google Paid Campaign. Just be mindful with how it converting your leads.

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