Negotiation Training

Are you wanting to negotiate a pay rise? Up sell more sales? Learn how to get the asked price for your products and services without discounting?

Improved sales negotiation skills can add at least 10% to your profits! Improved buying negotiation skills can reduce the costs of purchasing overheads.

Whatever you are doing, negotiation can help both personally or in business. If you need to get a quote of any kind for say a mechanic or a plumber, negotiation skills are a must have.  You may be in an industry like Real Estate, where excellent negotiation skills effectively takes you to the next level of your sales career.

Workshop Aim:

To develop an awareness and winning skills of negotiation.

 Our 3-hour workshop will cover the topics:

  • 4 stages of negotiation
  • 4 outcomes of negotiation
  • 8 Tactics of negotiation
  • Trading and Exchanging
  • Closing Techniques

New Workshop Dates will be released soon.

Negotiate and Win with M Business