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Social media has become an important communication tool for brands. It enables them to interact with their current and potential followers in just one click. These regular interactions are valuable for your brand as it builds relationship that can eventually lead to a conversion.

So how do you make the most out of your social media engagements? Read on.


1. Make it visual

Increase your social media engagement by simply including visual content to tell a story.

visual social media engagement

Pictures catch the attention of your followers and increase the chances of them interacting with your social media posts may it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Play with frames, filters and other features on your posts. Click here for some tips.


2. Be Witty

Use some humor and make your social media posts funny.

Be Witty - Social Media Engagement
Make your posts shareable by making your followers laugh with your content. Just make sure that your jokes are lighthearted and fun. Do not use mean humor that will eventually make people mad. Instead, make your brand or its social media representation the target.


3. Request Feedback And Reviews

Ask your followers to share their thoughts and opinions. Tell them to leave their feedback and reviews about your product or brand. Their comments and suggestions will help improve your services.Request Feedback And Reviews - Social Media EngagementSource.


4. Add Feeling To Your Post By Using Emojis

When you post online, the textual communication doesn’t come with clear indications of tone. By including emojis, your readers can then understand what you are feeling.Add Feeling To Your Post By Using Emojis - Social Media Engagement


Use a laughing emoji when sharing a joke on your page or hearts and smiles to show a friendly and affectionate feelings. Just see to it that the emojis you use match your brand. 


5. Educate Your Followers

Share some facts or surprising statistics that your followers didn’t know about.

Educate Your Followers - Social Media Engagement

Aside from being entertained, people also love to learn new things and be educated. Share some statistics that relate to your industry and the interest of your followers. For example, your brand sells tyres and other vehicle parts, you may share a data about the number of people who avoid accidents or car damage by maintaining their tyres.


6. Give Some Freebies

Who doesn’t love giveaways and free things?

Increase your social media engagement by upping your likes and shares. Ask your followers to like and share to win giveaways.


7. Upload Videos

Aside from images and text, share videos. People are more likely to spend their time engaging with videos than reading long posts. It is being said that video posts have 135% as much organic reach as do photo posts.

For an instance, you can take a live video as you unveil the product or item of your brand. Your video continues to increase social media engagement for weeks or months after.


8. Ask For The Reaction Of Your Followers

To increase your social media engagement, ask for comment, like or share.


Have someone to monitor and respond to the answers on your page. Make sure that your replies are friendly. And if you receive some complains, message them to solve the problem. The key here is to keep the conversation going to show that you care about what your followers have to say.

But remember not to overuse this tip. Use different and unique ways for engagement instead.