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Has your website been acting strange lately? Are you seeing weird error messages, or finding that some of your content has suddenly disappeared?

If so, it’s possible that you’ve been hacked. In this post, we’ll take a look at the signs that your website has been hacked and what you can do to fix it. Stay safe out there.

1. Your website is loading slowly, or not at all


If your website is normally fast-loading and suddenly starts loading slowly, or not at all, that’s a sign that something is wrong. A hacker may have inserted malicious code onto your site that is causing it to run slowly, or they may have taken your site down entirely.

slow website
strange error

2. You’re seeing strange error messages


If you’re seeing error messages on your website that you’ve never seen before, or that don’t make any sense, it’s possible that a hacker has injected them in order to confuse you and cover their tracks.

    3. Your content has been changed

    If the content on your website has been changed without your knowledge or permission, then it’s likely that a hacker has gained access to your site and made some changes. This could be anything from adding their own links to changing the text on your pages.

      website under construction

      4. New users have been created


      If you see new user accounts on your website that you didn’t create, then it’s possible that a hacker has gained access to your site and created them in order to gain further access or privileges.

        5. Strange files have been uploaded


        If you see files on your server that you don’t recognize, or that seem out of place, then it’s possible that a hacker has uploaded them as part of an attack. These files could be used to launch further attacks or to gain access to sensitive information.

        strange files hacked
        cyber hacking new user

        6. Your traffic has increased dramatically


        If you see a sudden spike in traffic to your website, particularly from unfamiliar sources, then it’s possible that hackers are using your site to host their own content or as a launching point for attacks on other sites. This increased traffic can also slow down your site or cause it to crash entirely.

          7. You’re being blacklisted by security companies


          If security companies like Google Safe Browsing or Norton Safe Web are listing your site as unsafe, then it’s likely that hackers have compromised it in some way and injected malicious code onto your pages.


          Do you think your website has been hacked? Call us so we can give you advice on how you can get this fixed. We’re here to help.


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