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What is your unique selling proposition?

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Video


Hey, it’s Mike again from M Business and Marketing Solutions.


Today I want to talk about one thing that you must always remember — your unique selling proposition.


Also, we’ll see how we will go with the unique selling proposition to attract ideal and potential clients.


What is the unique selling proposition? What does that mean?


You may have heard the point of parity, point of difference and all these jargon words. But let me just break it down clearly.


Are you doing the same thing to a certain customer as what you are doing to your other customers? Then, this is what you call the point of parity. It is important to provide similar services to your customers. But what makes you unique? What makes a customer choose you over the next person? Is it your certain style of work? Maybe your workmanship? The price? What is it? Well, that is something that you really need to look at this year.


It’s really important to do certain things before you go out and start to get new customers.

You should think about who you are, what type of business you want and what type of brand are you. Do you have a catchy phrase? A mission statement? What is the focus of the business and who is your target audience?


I’ll give you an example.


“I love service-based businesses. I like people who just sell products as well but I love service-based businesses. I love trainings. You know I love people who give service. And I think, I just love it.”


There’s really something about it. Probably because since 80’s I’ve been selling. I mean I’ve been selling services since 1997. You know, door-to-door, all different ways and it’s been a long journey but I still love it. I still love selling, I still love marketing and that’s why I’m here today.


But think about it, what is unique about you? What is it that makes a person say, “man I want to come back to him?”


I want to share my experience with all my friends and relatives in a positive way. Think about it. I’ll talk to you very soon. And as I have said the other day on my last post, we’ve got a Facebook group. Come, join us. It’s called Business Growth Tools. You can get the link below.


Stick with me and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks very much for your time.