What is an Elevator Pitch?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Video


Hi everybody, Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia


Today I want to talk to you about an elevator pitch. We’ve been discussing many things during the last two sessions of Mike’s Marketing Minutes Live via Facebook and Instagram.


We’ve been talking about how to stand out in the crowd. What is it that you can do that is unique? How can you leverage your ‘competition’? 


Well, I think an elevator pitch is a really important thing because what an elevator pitch does, is it gives you 60 seconds to be able to do something very quickly, this means gaining that real interest that you want. 


How does it work?


You may have seen it on shark tank where they’ve come in, they’ve done their presentation, they’ve put their pitch out there, they’ve put it, what makes them unique? LA, LA, LA. But, I want to put a different spin on that. And when I say a different spin, what I mean is I think that for me, an elevator pitch should involve four different areas. 


Three Areas to Consider On Your Elevator Pitch



The first one is what? What is it? 

What is it that you’re actually trying to sell? What are you a pro at? What are your services? What are you? What are your products? Who are you?


✓ WHY?

The second one is why. Why would someone be interested in what you have rather than your competitors? So what makes you stand out from the pack? What makes you different? What is it? 



The third thing, what do your customers say. Do you have a story that you have you’ve done recently? It can be a testimony or a testimonial that you’ve done for your customer and for what you guarantee your offer. That’s pretty much it. 


Sample Elevator Pitch

So the first thing that you do, is to introduce yourself. You may say, 


“Look! Hey, you know, we’re a digital agency. We’re not only a digital agency, but we also are a training organization. We help our customers over the last 12 years, gain more clients, get more leads for our customers. So what makes us a little bit different? Well, we get things done on time at a fixed price with no surprises. And at the moment, this is our offer. This is what we’re doing at the moment. We’re doing X, Y, Zed. Um, we’re very, very excited. Our customers are very, very excited. We’ve been working with a lot of our customers the last eight years and, and you know, I’ve got some great stories that I like to share with you. One particular client has this …”


That’s pretty much 60 seconds. That’s all you need. That’s what it is. And you know, really just for me, it’s then leading this 60-second conversation into the next thing.


How to Close Your Elevator Pitch?


What is an alternative close? 


Do you know when would be a good time to catch up? Tuesday or Wednesday? Morning or afternoon? 


Book an appointment that they and you will be available. 


That is it, that is it. That’s, that’s the 60 seconds. It’s not rocket science. It’s supposed to be like that. 


So stand out! Get down with your elevator pitch because it literally is like, you’re in an elevator, you’ve got 60 seconds. You might even have less than 60 seconds. What is it that you’re going to say that’s going to make you stand out? 


Be Will Smith of The Pursuit of Happiness


You know, we just watched the movie the Pursuit of Happiness again. And I love that movie so much. You know, will Smith plies the pot off the would-be stockbroker. And I love the part where he took an opportunity. He had the Rubik’s cube and this guy was trying to do it and he knew he had a bit of a feeling that if he did the Rubik’s cube, he could stand out. He could be, you know, that next stockbroker he could get into the program. 



And you know, he only had a fixed amount of time because it was in the taxi between, you know, the work and where he was going to be dropped off. So he quickly did it and the guy just stood there and he just was mesmerized. He did something different.



Tonight, I want to encourage you in these tough crisis times, do something different. Stand out from the crowd. Have you enjoyed it, talk to you very, very soon. Hey, you got any questions? Please post some questions you’d like to know in regards to marketing what you can do for your business. I’d love to hear from you guys..