Change is a constant thing in our world, especially at this time where everything is fast phasing. You and your business must always be up to date as it is significant to your business’ success. 



How often should I redesign my website in Toowoomba and Brisbane

If you have a website in Brisbane or Toowoomba, then it is better keep it enticing by adding colourful visuals, fresh content, and exciting deals. But how often do you need to redesign it? Check the following factors, listed below:


It looks outdated

Time is changing, as well as how the new era’s websites. If your site looks like from the prehistoric age – where the visuals and content seem older than time – your users won’t be able to get the gist of your business.

Your websites represent you and your business. If it is disorganised, outdated, hard to understand, and the visual is unappealing – your users will leave and choose another side. It must be clean, modern, visually appealing, and easy to understand to keep your users hooked.

Also, ensure that your site is using the latest standards, codes, and technology. Keep your site running under modern web standards and practices in Toowoomba and Brisbane. This can affect the speed and ranking of your site.


You can’t manage it alone

Does your site run with CMS or content management system? If yes, then it is easy for you to manage your site. But if you have a lot on your plate then you need a professional website manager.


It is not mobile-friendly

The rate of mobile users in Toowoomba and Brisbane keeps on rising. So your website must be mobile user-friendly. More people are on their phones rather than their laptops or desktops. They like to access almost everything now through their mobile phones because it’s easier and handy.

Make sure that your website is easy to use for mobile users. The sites that are mobile user-friendly have higher rank sites in Google.

Now, if your website doesn’t have issues like what was mentioned above – here are the other factors you can check on. Try to consider these things.


Website and goal alignment

Is your site aligned with your goals? Wait, do you even know what your goal is? Try to list down them now and align them to your site’s work.

Ask yourself. Do you want to showcase your work? Or do you want to get leads? Make sure that your website’s content targets your set of goals. If you want to show your workmanship, try adding image gallery and testimonials of it. If your goal is to get leads, perhaps try a marketing strategy to your website. Make your site work for you and reach your goals.


Get your head on the game

You might be falling behind the competition. Have you checked your competitors’ site lately? How does it look? What do they offer? Is there anything new?

Don’t be afraid to check on them. This will give you a hint on what you can do to get ahead in the game. Don’t let your site fall behind. If your site seems to be behind them, consider changes. Go on and take new steps forward.

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Low site ranking

Does your site shows on top of the list or even on the first page of google? Or it shows far below? Don’t let your website’s rank be pushed down below. Work on your SEO and content to be and kept on that first place.


Incorrect audience

Is your website tailored to its targeted audience? For what age is it for? Is it for the adults or for the Millenials in Toowoomba and Brisbane? Make sure that your website’s content is focused on the age group it’s targeting. Research about your audience and how your site can be inviting to them.


Always take new steps. You’ll need it. Go on and keep improving your contents and visual. Don’t let your website be stuck to where it started. Keep with the phase of the internet world and don’t let your website fall behind.

You might not need a new website for now but you will surely need one soon. The internet world keeps on changing. Advancement and improvements are everywhere. Redesign your website as often as you need to. To reach goals and target the correct audience. Make it work for you. Change is not bad, especially if it will keep you on top.