Hello, 2019! Cheers to new trends, standards, and changes that are also coming our way, especially in the world of web development Toowoomba. Don’t be left behind.

Take a look at some trends in Toowoomba that will help legitimize your business and can even contribute to enhancing your conversion rates this 2019.

Top 5 Web Development and Design Toowoomba Trends for 2019


It is defined by big bold blocks of colours, gradients and lavish amounts of white space.

Brutalism web design desires to replace the over-designed experiences we are presently into and can translate into more viewers when done properly.


Card Based Layouts

This web design is a simplified layout news website, magazine site, portfolio and blog.

This uses images paired with texts and is arranged in a compartmentalized print making it look more organized.


Static Website Generators

This web design can be less of a trend as people go back to the roots of the web (static HTML).

However, when this design is being adopted, you can acquire speed, improve security and, customize and modify your website easier.


Dramatic Typography

This is about the experimentation using large fonts.

Dramatic typography is the creative use of typography that will make your web look bold and significant depending on what font you will be using.


Web VR and Video

This web design allows you to create new types of content online.

Combined with the ability to embed some of this groundbreaking technology in a standard web browser, this can offer resounding and peculiar experiences.


Micro Interactions

Twitter is an example of Micro Interactions.

These offer smaller interactions online that are helpful on mobile platforms. This indicates minor changes in the UI making users navigate your site better.

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