Website design Toowoomba matters. It can draw and attract more customers, if and only if, you have chosen a well-structured web design. Thus, it can be your secret weapon in making your business successful this 2019.

However, we must not only look at the visual appearance of our website. Rather we should also look at the at the other elements that can affect user experience. This includes:

  • Content
  • Website code
  • Browser variations
  • Loading time (Page Speed)

Are you ready to begin? Let us start with the following web design Toowoomba facts you should consider.

Top 10 Web Design Toowoomba Facts

Web browsers render websites differently.

Visitors of your website will definitely have different experiences when they open it in different browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. This depends on parsing and rendering, the process of how browsers translate code and display this on the screen. Some browsers will load the code in a particular order while others will not. Thus, it is important to work with a website designer and developer in Toowoomba that takes these elements into consideration.

A Great Web Design Toowoomba Should Direct Users Where to Focus

Users are most likely to leave and visit another website if they cannot quickly find the information they need through your website. Thus, it is important to put all the basic information on easy to find places such as the footer and the header. This includes the following:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Social media profiles
  • Latest promos and deals

Here at MBusiness Solutions, our website designers and developers ensure all of this is visible to your online visitors. Talk to us at 0447 776 970 to schedule an appointment with us.

A two-year-old website can be too old.

When was the last time you had your website redesigned?

If it’s two years ago, then you need to have it revisited.

Web browsers are constantly changing. Thus, how the website has been designed and developed must also be re-evaluated.

Some of the factors to consider when revisiting your old website are:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Search engine algorithms
  • Website coding

All of these has to be reviewed to prevent web display problems and browser incompatibility, which greatly affects user experience.

A clean website design Toowoomba code helps SEO goals

What’s the use of having an attractive website if you don’t have audiences to view and use it?

Codes will help audiences find your website when typing keywords in the search engine. It will affect how your search engine listings will look — from the title of the webpage down to the small description of our website.

Observing website coding best practices can help ensure your website will gain more viewers. Talk to a website design company Toowoomba who not only handles web design but SEO, as well. Send us a message for us to discuss how we can help your business grow more money this 2019.

Images and videos may create a positive or a negative impact on your website.

Images and videos can be an important tool to your website, especially when it is properly utilized.

However, your website’s performance can be compromised when using large images and video files, as this may result in slower load time. Minify and compress these images for it not to affect your website’s performance. Let us help you. Call 0447 776 970, today.

Responsive design and mobile web design has a big difference.

Visitors of your website may use smartphones then switch to computers without having any idea about the conversions that happen.

mobile vs responsive web design toowoomba

Mobile design is restrictive. It serves only a limited version of our website that can be used on smartphones and tablets. Visitors of the web won’t be able to see the complete beauty of your web design and can’t maximize its overall potential.

Responsive design is totally flexible. This design will enable websites to resize and reflow their layout depending on the screen size visitors are using. This will give our visitors a harmonious experience from images, typefaces to navigation when using either smartphones/tablets or computers.

Company contact information is important.

A contact page that includes your company’s phone number and other contact options is a must.

Lack of contact information and other details may push customers to leave our website and give them a negative impression.

Let us revisit your Contact Us Page and add the missing elements to help you get more conversions. Like and follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, today.

Lists are better than those large paragraphs.

A page filled with texts is perfect for an SEO. However, putting too many texts will eventually confuse and distract the readers.

Use lists, bolding and descriptive headings to make your page easy to skim, more readable and friendly to the eyes.

Don’t know how to do it? Let our expert SEO team help optimize your website for increased conversion and user experience. This may take time and requires an expert to execute it. But, this is totally worth it.

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