Being on the internet is one thing but staying on the internet is another thing.


As the internet dramatically changes business transactions and linkages across the globe, one of the most potent fears of these businesses is how they can stay maintain their rank online. This is where impressions marketing comes into the picture.


Staying Relevant Through Impressions Marketing


This article shows the many benefits it can bring to your business and why you should start considering it in your marketing plan this 2020. 


What is Impressions marketing?


Video, banners and graphics ad is coined as impressions. Its success is measured quantitatively through the level of potential users seeing these ads.



Why Impressions marketing is the key?


Businesses use creative means and ways, such as advertisements and brand tags, in order to mark an impression. But why is this important?


Brand awareness is the ultimate goal and objective for a business who succumbed to social media, and impressions marketing paves way for its realization. 




The constant feeding of impressions is key to a brand’s success. These impressions lead to active engagements, which then results to brand awareness.


Impressions vs. Engagement vs. Reach


Engagements refer to the actions made by the end-users in relation to your ads, these are usually the comments, reactions, likes, and shares. Basically, engagements refer to reactions at the instance of the users.


Reach on the other hand is the same as impressions in the aspect that is quantifiable. However, reach refers to the number of users who saw your ad. While impressions are also quantifiable, it connotes to the number of times your content has appeared to online viewers.


Here’s an illustration to better distinguish these three from one another:


You posted a banner ad, 50 people saw your content, but 10 of them viewed it twice and commented on it.


In this case, a total of 50 people users were reached by your content, with 10  engagements but your measurement is that of the number of times the 50 people actually saw and viewed your content. Thus, the impression would be 60.



Why are Impressions important?



Based on the example above, numbers help businesses identify the magnitude of the content. These numbers could decide the fall or rise of your business. Since it takes 5 to 7 impressions in order for people to recognize your brand, it is important to note the organic numbers as to how many times your content has appeared in a day.


This gives you the power of control either to boost one content or to generate another one.



Although impressions are more of quantification, impressions in the long run also reveal the quality of your digital marketing strategy. It tracks the impact of your contents to your audience. Thus, the engagements and reach of your content could later become your basis of performance efficiency.


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