Social media platforms are an easy way to let several people know about your business. However, it’s a different game out there. You need to know how to properly use it to ensure a positive outcome. To make things easier, here are 6 tips that tradies can use in their social media platforms to boost your online sales. 


Analyse the correct platform


Every business is different. Let’s say yes to that. No two business’s services and products are exactly the same. So, you need to know which platform will suit your business perfectly.



Building your presence online doesn’t mean that you have to put your nose on every platform out there. You might get overwhelmed with the various social media platforms and websites around. Rather, you can start focusing on these:

  • Linkedin has both an online website and mobile app that is geared in connecting tradies and business.
  • Instagram is more on using visuals. It’s best to use if you’re targeting the millennial market. It’s a perfect fit for trades in painting, construction, decoration, and/or renovation.
  • Twitter is a platform that can be used for a quick reply on queries or feedback.
  • Facebook has topped almost all social media platforms. It has recorded 15 million monthly active users in Australia. What a large market you can get yourself in there right? Facebook is more flexible than other platforms because it allows you to use videos and photos to showcase your business.


Tell about your business


Showcasing what your products and services are is one thing you can do in social media platforms. But, have you heard of the golden rule of online marketing?

It says, “ Tell, don’t sell.”

This means that you’re better off by giving examples of how you can help your customers. Get the attention of your potential clients by telling stories of about your products and services that changed other’s lives.

For example, show your potential clients how a kitchen renovation brought a family closer than before. Or how a newly repainted wall gave a new burst of life in a house. Stories like this stimulate people’s imagination, thus, pulls them closer in dealing with you. You can discuss the problems that your clients had and how you’ve helped them get through it.


Use #hashtags


Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram and Twitter to easily find and connect specific topics or issues. So if you’re planning to use Twitter and Instagram, keep hashtags on top of your mind.

Utilising hashtags will help you connect your post with other contractors in the same field. Thus, this will allow your potential client to find you easier in the pool of tradies. To do this, search for the generic terms that are related to your line of business such as:

  • #tradielife
  • #construction
  • #renovation
  • #plumbingworks
  • #painter

To make it more relatable, make sure that your content is also inlined with the hashtag you want to use. Then, choose hashtags with the largest number of users. Make sure to add at least 5 hashtags on your post. Please try not to overdo it because you can be penalised for hashtag spamming.

Learn more about hashtags. Click here. 


Check the type of post


Before clicking “post”, you should observe and analyse the type of posts that will for your target audience. Many social media

users use contents that show how they can add value to the lives of their potential clients.

You can include information about your business, tips and hacks, and/or your completed works. Successful posts for tradies has high definition visuals of their works. This will give your potential clients what to expect from you. Make sure to keep your contents visually appealing to grab people’s attention, thus, bring enquiries to your business.


Have a schedule


To get followers on social media, you need to have consistency. This means consistently posting contents on your social media accounts. Choose a posting schedule that can ensure high traffic and engagement. This varies per social media platforms. Let’s say you’re using twitter, wherein posts have short durations, so your ideal post per day is 3 to 4 tweets.

This will be experimental on your part. You need to observe the time and day your posts get attention. Create a posting schedule, strictly follow it and wait for the results.


Be unique


Being unique amongst many businesses in the same field can be challenging, but doing so can have a different impact on winning your potential clients. You can try being hospitable and empathic towards your clients.

See to it that your social media accounts clearly show your company’s culture and staff. Keep your contents informative and professional, but make sure to balance it with something funny and interesting. You might engage more followers and client by being a mix of work and fun.

Make sure to follow these 6 tips for tradies to use in social media platforms and you won’t be lost. Diving into the social media world can be daunting, but with persistence and use of the right tricks, it’s easy to swim in it.

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