Snap Out of It

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Video



Hi everybody, Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia. Today’s Live is entitled: Give yourself a slap and, and you know where we are right now.


It’s time. If you haven’t already, shake yourself, give yourself a slap, get in touch with where you are right now and where you want to go. You’ve got to stop watching the Corona Virus update.


You know it’s crazy. You can get 24 seven on YouTube channel live. I channel that. That basically streams the Corona Virus and its deaths and its challenges.




You know something when we’re watching this 24 seven watching what’s going on, what are you doing right now that’s going to take you towards your goals? That’s pretty much what I’m saying today. 


It’s time to give yourself a slap


Give yourself a slap. Let’s get back into where, what we are in business, who we are in business and where we’re heading.


What are our plans in the next 90 days? You know, what are we doing right now that’s going to get us to the next step and the next for this year to achieve our goals? We all had goals. You know, if you didn’t have a goal, I’m sure everybody had a goal before the Corona virus. 


Thus, we’ve got to reset where you start, we’ve got to look at where we are right now and we’ve got to take some plans to take some steps to get to the goals that we have within the changes. I just saw, Scott Morrison yesterday and he was saying this is the new norm, you know, this could be for the next six months. 


Where are we going today for our goals? How are we going to achieve our goals today? So the first thing, as I said, you need to pull yourself together. You know, like one of those movies where they’re in a panic that there’s that character, that go slap, slap. 


 you need to pull yourself together


You don’t know what I mean. That’s where we are now. If I was with you and you are still carrying on about the coronavirus and you’re saying: “Yeah! Oh, I don’t know what’s going to happen to my business.”


Let’s pull yourself together today and let’s make a plan


I need to slap you. Let’s pull yourself together today. And let’s make a plan. Let’s look at our 90 day plan. Where are we now and where are we gonna go in the next 90 days? 


There’s a 90 day plan that says what you do in the next 30 days will result in what you’re doing in the next 90. What are you doing today that is going to get you where you want to be in the next 90 days for your sales targets and for your achievements or where you wanted to go. So forget about everything that’s ever happened. 


They say it’s a hundred year thing. We got to start thinking about taking stock of what we have and where we’re going to go. So reset and restart with our plans.


Talk to Your Clients


The second thing that we need to do is we need to talk to our clients. You know what I mean? I made a call to all of our regular clients just to get a gauge of where everybody was at. And there’s some really, really good things that have come out of that. It’s what it has done. It has changed where we are and where we are situated and just stuff. It’s just that adjustment that we’re making for our customers and for where we are and what we’re doing right now.


we need to talk to our clients.


So that’s, that’s the second thing. You really need to talk to your regular customers. Now you might say, Oh, I’m scared that they’re going to cancel. Well again, make your plan. How, what are you going to do if they say: “Look, let’s put off that job. Let’s not do that.”


Have an Adjustment Strategy


What’s your plan with that and what are you gonna say? Are you going to be able to have a plan about them? So you got to have what’s called number three: an adjustment strategy.


What are you going to do with what people are going to say? You’ve got to preempt it. You’ve got to be able to say, okay, um, you want to cancel it? Okay. Why do you want to cancel? Well, I don’t have any money or no, we’re not sure. Whatever. You’ve got to start thinking about some turn around statements. What are you going to say to a customer?


Have an Adjustment Strategy


Say if you’re a painter or if you’re a builder or if you’re an electrician or if or if you are any of those sorts of businesses. And someone comes along and says, yeah, we want to get the work done, but can we renegotiate? Can we do this? 


That’s when you come into play with the negotiation skills of what if, and then perhaps, and when you have to start thinking about that, what if I can do this? Then perhaps you can do that. It’s better to grab a hold of someone now so they won’t cancel and renegotiate your terms. There’s a lot of people that are thinking that they’re going to get things cheaper or they’re going to get certain things. The best thing to do in regards to negotiation is find what I call, you know, ways that you can give what’s called a concession.


What’s a concession?


It’s a concession. You can give a concession to someone and that concession is something that might not cost you much. But for a customer that’s a big deal. So if they’re wanting to cancel, start thinking about concessions that you can give to a customer, that’s not a big deal for you. But that can be a big deal to push something over the, you know, for that sale or for what you’re doing. 


give a concession to someone


Think about your adjustment strategy and where you’re heading for and what you’re doing. Think about how you can add greater value to your regular customers right now. Think about how you can implement a strategy for coronavirus that you have mosques that you have. Like, like we talked about in my last video, you have a portaloo, you have certain things that you have that gives people that feeling that everything’s going to be okay.


That’s what you really need to look at. So number one, have a plan. Number two, talk to your clients. Gauge where things are at. Um, number three, have an adjustment strategy. How you’re going to be if they say this, you’re going to have that preemptive strike to be able to say, well actually we can do it for this. We can do this now. We can have better terms. We can, if you’ve worried about money, we can help you with terms. We can help you with payment. We can help you with certain things. Or how about I’ll throw in this and then perhaps we can start on that regular time. 


Get out ALIVE.


The fourth thing, which I think is the most important, is to get alive. Stop looking at the Corona Virus 24/7. Stop thinking. We just have to wait and see.


We can’t wait and see! We’ve got to make that 90 day plan of what you want to do in the next 90 days. It’s going to achieve your goals. So this is what you need: Get some hobbies and Coronavirus watching is not a hobby. 


We just watched season three of Ozark. I’m not going to give away any, any sort of anything storyline or whatever cause you’re going to shoot me down. But the one thing in the story was Marty. He’s so stressed out in the season that he goes and starts playing a video game that he used to have when he was a kid.  I think what I liked about it is, we are also in a crisis who’s in a little bit more of a crisis. If you’ve been watching Ozark, he’s in crisis and he then reverts back to something like a coping mechanism.


We all need coping mechanisms. You know, if we’re in it, as Scott Morrison says, if we’re in it for the long haul, we’ve got to start thinking about how we can protect this. Because if we can’t protect our health, if we can’t protect our emotions, if we can’t protect our stress levels, then we’re not going to be able to go longevity wise in our business. 


Wait, where’s this going to break? Something’s going to break and look, you’ve got to think about your health in regards to your exercise. You gotta keep going. You got to keep a routine as possible. 


One of the things that Olivia and I have done, we’ve made a commitment that we’re going to get up at the same time that we were before. We’re going to exercise at the same time we’ve gone virtual exercise.


We’ve got a virtual trainer and we’re actually exercising virtually with a zoom conference, which is unbelievable. We got another one tomorrow morning. But you know, what we’ve found is that if you get up at the same time, you’re doing the same things. Your brain’s going to be smoother and a lot more going with what you’re doing with your emotions. 


You got to get back to those things that make you happy. You’ve gotta, you know, you’ve got to start doing those hobbies. It might be a jigsaw puzzle at nighttime. It might be colouring. There’s heaps and heaps in apps about colouring in, but you gotta keep this same because if we don’t keep our emotions and where we are with all of this, we’re not going to have a business when we get out of it. We’re just going to be maybe locked up. I don’t know. 




So that’s it. So number one, make a plan. Number two, talk to your clients. Number three, start an adjustment strategy. Start thinking about how you can add more value to what you do. Start thinking about a preemptive strike. If people try to cancel or people try to do things, how can you add more value? How can you give away more things that are going to cost you much? But it’s going to be a big win for them. And the fourth thing is get out alive. Stop watching the CoronaVirus 24/7 news. It’s okay to watch it at six or whatever. But enough’s enough. We know people are dying, people are sick, people are isolated. You know, we just gotta we just gotta push through this and we got to only focus on things that are going to get to our goals.