Gee! My SEO Toowoomba ranking dropped. What to do?


If you see that one of your SEO Toowoomba keywords dropped, don’t immediately panic. Things like do happen in the world of search engine optimisation, especially for Google and Bing.

The next question you should ask instead is this, “How well do I know my SEO guys?”



SEO Keyword Ranking Dropped

If you’ve done your homework prior to signing up with any of these SEO companies in Toowoomba, you must have seen the previous clients they had and the reviews these individuals or businesses have given them.

Long-standing clients with an SEO company could only mean one thing, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Thus, TRUST them.

Google algorithm changes every now and them. It is a general change in pattern that can randomly affect anyone. The GOOD NEWS is this, if you have chosen the right SEO company in Toowoomba, they know pretty much how to fix this sudden slip.

Trust their instinct, skills, knowledge and strategies. They know the dance of Google and knows how these things work. Thus, in the words of Randy Sotherman,

“However, if you’ve outsourced to a reputable Toowoomba SEO company or professional that has shown you successful campaigns they’ve created for their current clients, then put your head down, trust the process and wait it out. Quality white hat SEO usually wins out. We typically see the true rankings settle in around 60 to 65 days after going through the transitional ranking period.”