Responsive or Mobile Friendly Toowoomba Website: What Should You Choose?

Mobile friendly and responsive websites are often interchanged. But do you know that these two terms have distinct differences?

Responsive or Mobile Friendly Toowoomba Website: What Should You Choose?

Yes! You’ve read it right. Both may have their own similarities; but, they also have distinct differences that can affect the overall performance of your Toowoomba website.

Learn the difference between these two to know the best option for your business.

Features of Responsive Toowoomba Website

A responsive Toowoomba website caters to the needs of the users in various mobile devices. It adjusts the texts and images from a three column layout to a single column display based on the device or desktop screen you are using. Thus, some unnecessary hidden images may be hidden on some of these devices and desktops screens.

Some of its major features include:

  • Optimised images
  • Condensed navigation
  • Dynamic content changes
  • Correct spacing and padding
  • Mostly reliant on mobile operating systems for its function

This type of website is most suitable for business websites that:

  1. Have the majority of their web traffic coming from mobile devices
  2. A complex website with unique features that are difficult to navigate with mobile devices
  3. Websites that have a longer shelf life.

If you think this is the best fit for you, then ensure you choose a website designer in Toowoomba that has the expertise and correct budget planning to meet your requirements.

Features of Mobile Friendly Toowoomba Website

The same works for mobile-friendly Toowoomba websites. However, rather than getting rid of some of the images on the site as it gets accessed via different devices and screens, the elements don’t change. Thus, it works exactly the same way across all devices.

This kind of website design is the limitation with drop downs and navigations. Moreover, no flash animation is used in this.

Some of its major features include:

  • Simplified navigation
  • Smaller image display
  • Static content
  • Not reliant on a mobile operating system

With these features, it works best for business websites that:

  • Does not have a huge mobile visitors
  • Is simple with mostly text and images with complex functionalities
  • Small image sizes that allow fast loading


Choose the best type of website design for your Toowoomba business. If unsure on what to choose, it is best to ask the insights of an experienced website designer in Toowoomba. Send us a message to schedule a FREE consultation with us.