Reasons Why Social Media Is Damaging Your Business

Social Media is indeed a great marketing tool nowadays.

It can help so much to meet your goals as a marketer from: 

  • Conversions
  • Engagements 
  • Brand awareness

However, when misused, social media can also be the reason for a business not to succeed.

According to Hubspot, a developer and marketer of software products for inbound and marketing sales, 71% of consumers do their purchase through social media referrals and 62% check at reviews.

Here are things you need to avoid when posting on your business’ social media accounts:


Lack of Cybersecurity

Small businesses are most victims of phishers who hack social media accounts and steal you and your customers’ information. 

With this, make sure to secure and update your cybersecurity yearly to avoid social media embarrassment. Consider training your employees on how to identify phishing and other social engineering attacks. Also, see to it that there are three or more people who have access to your social media accounts to avoid a single person post and lock your accounts.


Absence of A Content Calendar

Have a consistent content circulating in all your social media platforms to meet your goals and gain your customers’ trust. 

Create a content publishing schedule in order to have a professional and regular posting schedule. 

Poor planning can probably hurt your business. So it is best to plan ahead! Should you need help, send us a message


Incompetent Customer Service

In case you do not know, social media is a customer service medium. It has become the venue for customers to engage with brands. Also, social media is the place where people complain and share their bad experiences about a certain product or brand.

You might only want to receive positive reviews and good comments but bear in mind to always treat your customer right and still give a positive response when he or she throws negative feedback.


No Proper Guidelines

Mistakes happen and negative feedbacks come.

Create a social media plan that serves as your guideline when a negative situation arises. These are the things you need to prepare:

      • A template to be used in various scenarios.
      • An escalation shortcut for your SMM (social media manager)
      • Brand guidelines.
      • Establish guidelines around privacy and confidentiality so your customer associates and SMMs will know what they can and cannot disclose.

As a social media marketer, you don’t just post anything on your social media platforms. Use social media properly to keep your business going.

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