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Importance of Referral

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Video

Hi! It’s Mike here from M Business and Mike’s Marketing Minutes. Today we’re talking about referrals. Don’t miss it but also right at the end of the video I’m going to talk a little bit about an offer for you.

Let’s get in.

Hey, it’s Mike here from M Business and today, I want to talk to you about referrals. Referrals are simply the best form of advertising. These are the word of mouth and word of mouth is everything.


You know I talk to a lot of people during the week people that are not our customers. I talk to them and I say, “Where do you get most of your best customers from?” They go, oh Word of Mouth.


I built my business on “Word of Mouth” and you know a lot of us to have and we want to duplicate that, so it’s really important.


First of all, why is word of mouth or why a referral is so important?


I think the number one the reason why referrals are so important is pretty much because it creates an expectation.


You know if someone says,


“Hey, do you know anybody who is a web designer or a marketer?”


“Yeah, I’ve got someone you can use!”


There’s that expectation that the person they’re going to choose is going to be good. It’s easier to close those type of customers and often what I hear from people who are used to word of mouth type of advertising they say, 


“Oh! I tried Google. I tried Facebook but I found they’re all you know tire-kickers!”


The reason why a lot of people say that is because of word of mouth. When people come to you on a referral they’re pretty much already sold. They’re pretty much already there so that’s why referrals are so good.


That expectation when a person comes to you, this is an expectation about your services. It must be good because their friends have told you.


Number two: It increases your close ratio.




It’s a lot easier to close.


Number three: They don’t cost you anything.


I think referrals are so good because they don’t cost you anything. You don’t!


It’s cost-effective because a person’s giving it to you for free.


Number four: You get loyal customers


The customers that you get from a referral often are going to stay loyal because they’re your ideal client. Often the clients of friends, people that are similar to them are your ideal clients and so those clients are going to be exactly the same as the clients you’ve already got unless the person who gave me the referral is a pain and they’re not really your ideal client then you’re in trouble.  But you know what I’m trying to say.


So referrals are awesome. I listened to an audible just recently.


Extraordinary Referral Systems


He is amazing if you want to listen to anything or see anything on Jay Abraham. He’s Anthony Robbins mentor, so listening to Jay Abraham on referrals is amazing if the audible is alive.


Please check it out its very, very cool. I think it was in Melbourne and there’s a guy that gets up and he actually talks about how he built his actual dentist firm in Melbourne based on referrals. He actually closes the door and no one’s allowed in unless it’s a referral so that’s a classic that’s absolutely amazing. So yeah!

Get 250 AUD when your referral signs up with us


But I want to put it out there. I want to sort of put it out there. You know you’ve got a lot of business networks and all the rest of it that give incentives. If you give a referral and do certain things.


If you are one of our customers or even if you’re just watching this for the first time and you know someone who needs a website, I’m putting it out there. I’m actually going to put some dollar value to this. I will give you 250 dollars if you refer a customer to me and they put a deposit down. It’s as simple as that. I will give you 250 because referrals are so good and you are my ideal clients, so the type of people that you know are the people that I want to know.


So you know if say, for instance, you’re like me and you want more referrals put down something or something on this post to be able to say hey I’ll also do something if you can get me a referral. This is what I will get.


So yeah! Referrals,  Referrals. But look take a look at Jay Abraham. He’s an absolute legend. His audible is an amazing 93 Extraordinary Referral Systems.


That’s it. You have a great day and I’ll talk to you very soon.