How To Stand Out With Your Products and Services

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Video



Hi guys, my care from M Business

Just wanted to chat to you again today with this topic in mind:


How to stand out. How to actually stand out from the crowd


You know, there are so many things going on in this crisis. Thus, it’s really important that we stand out, especially with our products and services, which is the most important.

I’m going to run you through what for me, like in sales, what it is that you sell it and how do you sell your product and services? And this can go to on your website. This can go with what you’re doing on Facebook. This can go with everything that we do on a daily basis, including our products and services and when we’re actually talking to our customers.

So I always think of the old Zig Ziglar:


How to actually stand out from the crowd


He’s an old sales trainer and uh, he always talked about the WIIFM and that is what’s in it for me. When someone comes to a person’s website or someone comes to your shop or someone comes to your service or whatever that they’re going to do, they are always thinking about what’s in it for me, me, me, me. 

So you have to be really, really clear with your website. Really, really clear when you’re talking what is in it for them. So when I say that, and when you’re selling something, selling is always about features, benefits and interests. When I talk about features, that’s the physical attribute, the physical attribute of the product or the service. 


The Role of FEATURE


Say if it’s a product, let’s just say if I had a pen, okay, what is the physical attribute of a pen? And I could say, you know, it’s long and slender. It’s got elements. It’s got a, you know, thing to put in your pocket. Um, uh, it’s got a cap on it.


The Role of Feature


There are certain features of what that is. So what’s the benefit?

Well, H feature should have a benefit to it. So H feature that you are on your product or service should have a benefit. So if you say we deliver, why is that a benefit?

Well, right now in our crisis, if we deliver, that’s something that’s a benefit. We can deliver it to your home. We can help you set up. We will go through step-by-step and show you how to do certain things. So that’s features, benefits.




Then there is interest. I always call this my FBI. You know, I think of FBI, it’s a good thing to remember and interest is why would someone be interested in that product or service rather than going to your competitor. 

What makes you stand out from the crowd? And you know, I talk about pens, um, you know, as the example of a product and can think of the pen, the physical, you can think of, say the physical attributes of the pen. These include things like, you know, the length of the pen and its ballpoint. 

Why is that important? 

All of those sorts of things. And I think of Kilometrico, you know, Papermate. When I was a kid.  There was an ad that said Kilometrico writes thousands and thousands of words. I don’t know if you remember the stupid song, but it got in my head. And so you know, that’s the interest of Kilometrico. Oh, it rides thousands and thousands of words. It’s better than any other product that’s on the market because of none of those products write thousands and thousands of words, but Papermate’s Kilometrico writes thousands and thousands of words.




It’s funny what you remember. I was one of those kids that always listened to adverts, you know, and always loved the ads. It’s weird because I remember the ads nearly more than the actual television shows of the seventies and eighties.


Your Homework


So what I want you to do is this. There’s a little bit of homework. If you really, really, really want to get a hold of this and really sell more of your products and services, especially coming in this tough time, wherein it is tougher to sell services. It is tougher to sell products. This is what you need to do. You need to choose five to 10 physical aspects of your Sprott acts and services. And then I want you to write down five to 10 benefits to that product or to that service. 

And then I want you to give me some five really good reasons why that is better than your competitors. What is it? But you know, why would somebody be interested in that rather than you competitors? What makes you stand out from the crowd? And the reason why? Because next time I talk to you, we’re going to go through the “elevator pitch”. We’re going to go through an elevator pitch. 

See, I can pull a killer Metro code pen and I can say on anything if I know the benefits, if I know the features, the benefits, the interest, I can even sell ice to Eskimos. You know what I mean? Because you’re pretty much saying this is the feature of the pen. So this beautiful pen, see this imaginary pen? It’s so good. It’s imaginary. This beautiful pen is actually so good that it’s designed to be able to slip into your pocket. 

It’s got a cap on it. So guess what? It doesn’t leak ink and it writes. You know, Kilometrico. Oh, it rides thousands and thousands of words and that’s so how good it is. 

If you could work out your features, your benefit, and why that person would be interested in your products and services, you can sell anything every, every other day in this thing.




This has been a trying time for us. So we really have to get down to those basic things that we’ve had and really refine our language. We need to refine our language on our websites. We need to refine our language on our products and services on Facebook and, and our social media. And we have to refine our language when we are actually talking to people face to face. 

This is it. This is how we can get through this. This is how we can get to the other end as, as the dominant provider of your service in your industry. Talk to you very soon.