How Do You Respond to Your Enquiries

by | May 13, 2020 | Video


Today on Mike’s Marketing Minutes we are talking about: How do you respond to enquiries. Here we go.


Hi! It’s Mike here from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Tonight I want to talk to you about how to get more conversion in your inquiry. 


Someone who’s come off Facebook, maybe they come off a Facebook ad, maybe they have come from Google, maybe they’ve seen you somewhere and they’ve gone to your website and then they have given you a call or whatever way that person has got your phone number to give you a call. Then you know, where these people got your number to reach you doesn’t really matter in one sense. The most important thing is what happens when a person answers or when you answer the call. And I think this is like a real big thing that we have to talk about because you know, people say, “Oh, I get a lot of calls, but they’re all tire kickers” or “I get a lot of calls, but I can’t seem to get any styles.” 


Often it’s the way that we approach the actual goal that we get. First of all, Hey, you’re going to answer your phone. That’s probably the easiest way. But I’ll give you an example. 




On Saturday, it was Bedlam. My mum’s in Victoria. I rang up a florist in Victoria and she just goes, “Hello” just straight up. Hello? I said hi. I’m wondering, “Oh look too busy right now. Call later on in the day.” and hung up. And I’m like, how’s that work? 


Like seriously, I’ve been buying flowers for my mum cause she’s in Victoria and birthdays. They’d be my go to big time for like two or three, four years. I’m not going to tell you who they are, but they’re my go to. And so all of a sudden I’m calling another FLORIST because this is a florist that I always talk to look at as a customer. 


I don’t care if every man and their dog is calling the same florist and all flowers are out. They were abrupt, they were rude, and they weren’t consistent to the other times that I called them. So for me, consistency within answering a call is paramount. And that also means consistency no matter who answers the call. 




So, you know, I’ve got another client every single time, like I’ve got this client every single time I called and I get this girl on the phone who is the bookkeeper. SHE SHOULD NOT BE ON THE PHONE. She should not be answering the phone. She should be nowhere near the telephone because SHE’s SO RUDE. And that is the first thing that people have when they come to your business. So the first thing that I want to say is, you need to have a consistent flow and you need to have a consistent call.




You got to say the same thing every single time. You’ve got to make it the same way. You know, when I answered the call I said,  “Hi, it’s Mike here from M Business.” You know what I mean? It’s that first thing and you got to smile. You got to have a smile on your doll when you answer the phone. 


When you talk about body language and you know, often people think it’s not so much if I’m on the telephone, people can’t really know what I’m doing or whether or not I’m happy or whether or not I’m sad. 




Body language goes by tonality and by what we hear. And often our whole tone and everything that we do changes when we use our eyebrows, when we use our eyes, when we’re smiling, when you smile and you get excited, your voice changes. 


So if you’re doing something completely different, if you’re busy, if you’re absolutely paved off with the world, that person’s going to know it no matter what. 

The thing that I can say to you is this, watch and make a real system about what to do when answering the phone. Like, what are you going to do every single time when you answer the phone. Make sure that if you’ve got a staff that they do exactly what you do because they are the representation of your business and do not let them answer, if they are horrible. 


I’m not saying that people who are not used to dealing with staff shouldn’t answer the phone, but you want to have that best person answer the phone every single time. So answer your calls with good manners. You know, apologize if you’ve been busy. “Look, I’m really, really sorry.  We’re flat out here. Do you mind if I put you on hold?”


It’s simple! But you have to be consistently friendly and customer service because I’m telling you now, like I’m really after Saturday trying to get flowers on Saturday, trying to get flowers for my mum. I don’t think I want to call that florist back even if I’ve been one of her regular customers for the past two or three years. 


Be cool with good manners. Be consistent when you answer the call and always follow up. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next time I talk to you. You have a great day.