How to Make an Upsell To Your Existing Customers

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Video



Hey guys, it’s me again, Mike from M Business and Marketing Solutions.

This time we’re going to talk a little bit more about how to upsell to our existing customers.




You a trader and you say, “I don’t have existing customers. I go out, do something, and I come back.” Let me give you a challenge here, something to think about.


When you first gave your quote to that customer and he chose a lower type of service, or a product, is there a way to get back in and talk to him a year later about upgrading to what he chose?


Let’s say, for instance, you’re a kitchen company — did the customers choose to the things that you have highlighted or they have just gone with the generic products that you normally sell. How are you going to make another offer?


Keep this in mind – There’s no harm in checking up on them


There’s no harm in of talking to these customers and offer something new. For example,


“Hey, just want to catch up with you and see how are you going with our products and services.” or “Hi, just want to see how are you liking our services? Just want to share with you something new about our products… blah blah blah~”. Just give it a go!


That’s one of the best ways you can start upselling to your regular customers. When you have regular customers, there’s always a chance to upsell. It is because of the trust that was built already between the two of you.


Now, if you can show the significance of the additional products and services you’re offering, Tada! — there goes your upsell! Just keep in mind that consistency is also a key to a good relationship. Keep a good track to your customers because if you are seen to be reliable and trustworthy, they are sure to give another shot with your products and services.


As much as possible, try to keep in touch with your customers for them to be reminded about you. You don’t need to upsell right away. Constantly checking up on them shows that you care about your business’ reputation.


It’s all about making a connection and keeping a good foundation with your customers. Hopefully, I’ve made my point right here. Don’t forget about our facebook group — Business Growth Tools.