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How to Increase the Retention Rates of Existing Ongoing Customers

by | Jun 8, 2019 | Video

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Mike from M Business and Marketing Solutions.


On our list today, we will talk about how to increase the retention rates of existing and on-going customers.


How do we do it?


Look, sometimes you avoid it. At some point, you’re going to meet people who want to cancel your services. You’re going to meet people who are not interested in your products. It’s normal.


But oftentimes, this has something to do with how they are being treated — the way you and your staff treated them. This is about customer care. It’s about how approachable are you and your manpower. Have they been able to get in touch with you immediately? Have you been able to attend to their concerns?


This is about being able to deliver the same way every single time; the same way that you answer the phone and the same way you give the delivery.


Do you have a system in place?


This is crucial.


There’s nothing more frustrating than making a sale and finding out that one of your existing customers has just cancelled. Yeah, it’s going to be okay but you’re might not go anywhere with cancellation, you’ll be stuck with your business. If these things happen to you, a customer care system must be implemented around.


A system where the customer is the uppermost priority. Their well-being must be always taken into consideration. Remember, you are in the industry because of them. If you don’t have customers, where will your business be?


It’s important to have that regular contact with your existing clients, they’re your paramount. More than doing it over the phone or face to face, you can also do it through social media.  You can record a video and share it with them. Make it look like you are talking to them personally.


So there, you can decrease the retention rates of existing and on-going customers by treating them well and keeping them posted constantly. If you know how to treat your clients well and socialize with them, you are sure to have an increased number of customer than decrease.


I’ll go for now but will be back soon for more talk! Oh, and don’t forget to like and join our facebook group — Business Growth Tools.


Wish you a blessed day ahead!