Click Through Rate (CTR) is a perfect metric to utilize when measuring the success of your strategies. It helps analyse the real interest of your website’s market. Aside from showing you who visited your site, CTR can also specify your site’s growth pattern.

Metric, such as CTR, is really one of the factors to consider when trying to get your website stand out among others on the internet. So, let’s find out how to improve your CTR and gain benefits from it. Read on:



1. Up-to-date Content

If you want to increase your CTR, consider having an updated content.

Good content is very important in increasing traffic, especially when it comes to SEO. Good content can attract more visitors to your website and can retain the old ones. 

Remember that content loses relevance with time. That is why it is important to feed new content to keep your CTR rates high.


2. Optimize URLs

You might have overlooked optimizing URL, but it is actually another factor to improve CTR. 

In SEO, the construction of URL is critical. Each part of the URL has significant meaning picked up by humans and search engines. 

URL should have the keyword and other vital information that informs the guests what the content is about. URLs that aren’t that long or misleading can lead to high CTR by great margins.


3. Powerful Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short texts that inform the visitors about the content. These texts can be seen below the title tag. 

You get the assurance of having an improved CTR if you have a great meta description. 

The meta description should have at least 150 characters containing useful information about your content. Keywords should also be included in the texts to have high visibility.


4. Long-tail Keywords

If you want to increase the CTR of your websites, you should have long-tail keywords.

These keywords are composed of three or more words. They accompany the short words also known as seed keywords. Long-tail keywords provide more information about the content and can help visitors find the specific information they need. 


5. Great Headlines

Headlines and titles are prioritized in the world of marketing. 

The headlines give the readers an idea of what to expect in that specific content. Consider these things when making headlines that can result in high CTR rates:

      • Create short headlines that are easy to read
      • Headlines should be written uniquely
      • Include keywords
      • Create headlines that prompt action

If you are eager to find ways to improve CTR, follow these five steps that are proven and tested in this digital age.