How to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2020


The SEO world is complex and dynamic, and in order for you to get ahead of the competition in 2020, you need to ensure that your search ranking is improved.


Here are the 5 SEO techniques you can use to improve your search rankings.


1. Always update your old contents


Yes, you read it right. Updating your old contents that are relevant to the current situations is what you’ll do.


For example, you have a past blog about how to improve your search rankings two years ago, and now Google has new changes in that algorithm, then you can rewrite and update your old blog.


When updating your old article, make sure to add new information, update it with a more catchy headline, and keep your contents inclined with the latest trend.


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2. Post on social media


Posting your content on social media is an easy method to generate website traffic, build social media presence, and gain credibility instead of just relying on your website.


Most likely, your first choice of platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn – but, it’ll be better to look more beyond these.


There are other platforms like Slideshare, Quora, and Medium where you can reach users that are looking for quality content. By doing this, you’ll be able to generate more leads and conversion.


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3. Enhance the loading speed of your page


Here’s the question, how long do your website’s pages load? This is an important aspect that webmasters need to look after.


Just imagine if your pages are loading too long – it can turn your visitors away and worse – may not visit again due to bad experience. Be careful with this because search engines see this as a red flag.


In order for you to enhance the speed of your loading page, analyse the reasons that slow it down then immediately fix the issues.



4. Create video content


Google has now added videos as part of the results in search queries, and many of these videos are how-to videos – which can be directly viewed on the SERP. Creating video content to get your potential visitors attention is an SEO method that you should really use. 

Just make sure that you’re using correct keywords on the meta description and title.



5. Optimise your website for mobile devices


Reality check, mobile devices have now taken a large part in people’s lives. Many people now rely on using their phones to search online – since its what they carry most of the time. Given this situation, you need to optimise your website to become mobile-friendly.


Make sure to evaluate and test your mobile website to ensure that:


  • It is easy to navigate
  • The pages are loading fast
  • It is easy to understand


Keep in mind that an optimised mobile website versions are now used by Google for ranking and indexing purpose. So always keep optimising your website’s mobile version to ensure that it’s serving its purpose.



6. Create better headlines


Headlines are not just for catching your potential visitor’s attention but it is also for ranking well. In order for you to get a good rank from your headline – make sure that your keywords are correct so that it’ll be easy for search engines to find it.


You can begin with a straightforward headline then write different versions of it to see which one would be more of a click-bait. Then make your final headline SEO-friendly and revamp it so you can add relevant keywords.


With this, not only you’ll become more appealing to your social media audiences but also to the search engines. Rework your headline until it becomes enticing enough to get clicked. 




Hopefully, you can use techniques and keep your ranks getting higher in 2020.

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