How to Get on the 1st Page of Google

by | May 11, 2020 | Video


Hi, it’s Mike here from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Today’s session on Mike’s Marketing Minutes is all about how to get websites on the first page of Google. Join me now. 


Hi guys! Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia


Today I want to talk about the factors that are going to get your site on the first page of Google.  You know, we get so many mile. I can get you on the first page of Google. But, I think the first thing that we really need to know is what do you want to be like? What are your keyword phrases? Is it builder Brisbane? Is it, you know, all those sorts of things. 


I think before we find out what the factors are, it’s really about your keywords? That’s what’s really important! So today I want to talk about 10 things that really help with getting you onto that first page of Google. 




The first thing that’s so important is mobile friendliness. So is your website mobile friendly? 


Google now penalizes sites. They do certain things. If your site doesn’t come up mobile friendly wise. 


When I say mobile friendly, what I mean is if you go onto your mobile: 


Does it scroll nicely?

Does it sort of morph down?

Do you have a mobile friendly site? 


So you might have a normal site and then you have a mobile friendly site. 


If you have a WordPress site, if you have a Joomla site, if you have any sort of content management systems sites, they’re normally automatically um, if they’ve been made in the last two years, they’ve automatically moved into that mobile friendly. 

So that’s the first thing. Is your site mobile friendly? 




The second thing is: Does your website have a domain authority


Now we can go through, you know, there’s a Moz hundred if you know anything about Moz, but if you have a Moz, you know, go in and search Moz, it’ll give all these factors and all these domains like a thirties and you know what goes into it. 


But I think one of the major ones with domain authority is how old the site actually is. You know, often people will come to me and say, “Look, I’ve got a brand new business. You know, I want it to be on the first page of Google now.”




I’ve got a client who’s an egg farmer. I said to them like three months before their chickens were hatched, you need to work on your Google presence. So even before they had chickens, they were appearing on the search results for their keywords. So “EGGS”, you know what I mean? Farm eggs all those sorts of things. So that’s, that’s domain authority and you know it’s quite incredible! 


I’ve got a client on the Gold Coast. I created his site 11 years ago. Back in those days, all you had to do is to fix  your page titles and things like that, which were your titles at the top and you’d appear on Google. Well, I’ve done nothing to the site. All I’ve done is changed it a few times, but its pretty much it and that website is still coming up on the first page of Google for their keyword. 




The main reason they remain ranking on top of Google is because they have been an authority in that area for the past 11 years and they are constantly on the first page and the first position for their keyword.




Okay. So then number three, you need to have optimized content. When I say optimized content, you need to have those keywords, pretty much spread across your website. What you want to do is to be able to spread those keywords in a natural way. Otherwise you’ll fall into keyword stuffing


What is keyword stuffing?


If you start stuffing your keyword, you’ll  start putting in the keyword “painter Brisbane” in weird places. Such as” Hi! My name’s John “painter Brisbane” and I love doing “painter Brisbane”. 


And you know, yes, you can do a little bit of that. And we call that seeded content. We do that for our clients where we will put that seeded content amongst your actual content. And sometimes it doesn’t make sense but Google gives it a good tick so that’s, that’s number three. It really comes back down to optimize to content. 




Number four a well structured and secure website. 


When I say a well structured website, most content management systems like your WordPress and Joomla bits and pieces. They do that for you, but if you don’t have that you really need to have a well structured website, just like what the old school websites used to have. They have a site map displayed. 


We still have sitemaps. We still, you know when I do a sign and I put it up to Google, I still have to put a sitemap to Google to let Google know what pages are what and where the structure is and that is a tick for Google. 




Number five page speed. 


This is huge. Page speed is so huge. It’s really important that you have a website that has its server in Australia. If you have a website and you’ve got the server overseas, you’re going to have a slower page speed. Page speed is so important because if it doesn’t load quickly, you’re not going to have people stay on your site. They’re just going to go off. So you know, page speed is speed is really important. You have to optimize your images and make sure that they’re going to load very, very quickly. All these things come into play.




Number six, SEO techniques. Now I can’t tell you any of that cause that’s what I do. That’s the things that makes us unique. 


Things like page titles, your certain area, the length of the page titles, the length of descriptions, all those things. But I am not gonna tell you anymore because then I’m going to be out of a job.




Now when I talk about links, some are talking about inbound, outbound and internal links. 




Now if I’m talking about outboundlinks, that’s when you would do a blog or you do something and you would have an authority to say, Hey, this is, this is where I got my content from. Have a look at it. Do you know what I mean?




Inbound links are when you have relevant content and then what you do is you, you share it across and you have other places to actually have those links. 




And then you’ve got internal links and internal links is really that whole structure around what a good website is. Good sites have good structure. So internal links make it easy for people to say things and go down and see what things up.


#8: Social Shares


Number eight is really social shares. So when I talk about social shares, now Google gives ticks up. If you are sharing content from your website over to social media. And you know, we’re doing this more and more and more for our clients. We’re actually doing blogs. We’re putting a blog up on our website, which gives the tick for Google that you’re giving more content. It’s relevant. This is what we’re about, but we’re also sharing it then over to LinkedIn, over to Google my business over to Twitter, over Instagram, Facebook.  




How long is the time that a visitor is actually on your site. That’s number nine. So it’s really, really important that you have relevant content. I like to have the front page set up, so you just give them a little tease for people. 


So when you  structure your homepage, the way that I always talk to my clients is you structure the homepage so the person can scroll down. They just get a little bit of a taste up and then can go just a little bit more. They come down a little bit more. And because, you know, in the old days, the structure of the homepage was pretty much what you see is what you get right there at the front. And we didn’t do any scrolling. But because of social media now everything’s, you know, we go on and we want to scroll down on a website. We see something we like we clicked through. 


So you want to be able to structure your website with teasers and with little bits as you go along that click through into the other parts of the website for people to read like a blog or a video. They can watch a video. They can interact with you in these sorts of things. 




And number 10 and this is really important, I know this is really strange. This is a real big one. This might be like the WOW factor. 


You have to put your contact details really shown well. And it’s not just that. I think it’s really important to link back to Google my business. Put your map on there. You know if you don’t have a physical address, it’s still okay to have your map of the area where you live or what you do. 


It’s really, really good if you have a physical point because then you can sort of go “here we are”, but you can still show you Google My Business even reviews of what you are and what you’ve got. 


I get so frustrated when I go on a website and I go to look for someone’s contacts. It’s like maybe it’s a game or something. You go onto a person’s website and you go, where are the contact details? This is all I wanted to find out about, and then what’s even worse, and this is usability again, the phone number isn’t even clickable. So I’ve got a copy of the phone number, put it into my phone and then call it. 


So context is really important. Facebook is exactly the same. I don’t know how many times I got to a Facebook page. I go to the about us section and I go, Oh, I want to get in contact with these people. And there’s no phone number. Okay, there’s a website and I can go then to the website, but then I’m, you know, I just want to call someone.




But that’s basically it. They’re the 10 factors. So let me go through it again. 


Mobile friendly, there has to be like a domain authority. So you want to be able to do that and sometimes you can’t unless you’ve been around more than three years. Three, optimize your content or help us do it for you with a well structured and secured website. So one with an SSL certificate, one that has that good solid structure. Number five, page speed. You can do some tests online. You can go, to Google Page Speed to see how fast your website’s going. Number six, SEO techniques. Do you need somebody who really knows their stuff for that one? Number seven links. Really, really good. Inbound, outbound, internal links. Number number eight, social shares and more movement. The more things you share from your website, the better your Google Page Rank goes for you.. Ah, this is relevant content. This is really, really good. That’s what Google’s all about. Nine the visitors time on site, so how long  do they stay on your site. If they stay on for a second, that’s a “NO, NO, NO” from Google and number 10 your business information is clearly shown and there it is. 


Have you enjoyed it? Thanks so much for your time. Talk to you soon.