How do you Increase your sales?

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Video


Hi everybody, Mike here from M Business.


This is video three. And today I want to talk to you about really this one up here — how to increase your sales this year.


How do you increase your sales?


Well, you get more inquiries. From more inquiries, you get more sales, you get more income coming in. And I want to ask you, how many different types of inquiries do you come in? Do you get inquiries from your website? Do you get inquiries from search engine optimization? Well, maybe it’s word-of-mouth. You might only be doing literally word-of-mouth.


Talk to More People


I want to tell you, the best way to get more clients is to talk to more people, that’s pretty easy, straightforward. The second thing is to start thinking about different ways of getting yourself out there this year. And when I say different ways, it’s multiple, I’ve got a list. You can put together, more of a referral system. So every single person that you are selling and give service to, you can ask for a referral. Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Maximise Your Social Media Presence


The second one:


  • What are you doing on social media?
  • What are you doing with social media management?
  • Are you on Instagram, on Facebook?


That’s a really, really good way to build your business.


Are you doing Facebook and Instagram advertising? And if you’re just doing business to business, are you on LinkedIn? Are you building relationships on LinkedIn, and value them?


  • Do you have a website?
  • Are you using AdWords?
  • Do you have someone who does your search engine optimization for you?
  • Do you have a Leadpage?
  • Are you converting sales through e-mail marketing?
  • Are you doing network marketing?
  • Are you a part of a business group of some kind?
  • Do you go to network events?
  • Do you share what you’re about?
  • Do you have an elevator pitch? If you go there, it’s important that you have an elevator pitch.


Have a Referral System


Well, you’ve probably seen it in Shark Tank. As we have discussed before, it’s also really important to know what you’re selling.


So, we’ve got a referral system:


  • Are you using social media?
  • Are you using Google My Business?
  • Which is a really, really good source?


Are you networking? Are you running special events, I mean, could you do an info night about something that you can really give value, you know, for your ideal client.


These can be simple ones.


Are you talking to people over the phone?


You might want to get a qualified list of the ideal clients that you want to talk to. You might want to get on the phone. You might want to go around to those businesses and services that you’re wanting to target, and just introduce yourself.


You know, there’s nothing like the present, and the more people you talk to, the more chance you are of making sales. That’s a simple one.


You know, when I started selling so many years ago, I started selling indoor knocking, and it was a bad conversion rate, and I used to have a conversion rate of, if I door knocked 50 homes, I would make one sale, and then I would do better and I’d do different things, but you can’t have a conversion rate, you can’t have a, you know, a sales set ratio, or that type of ratio, if you don’t talk to anybody.


Some people go in and tell me, I don’t have any customers, Well, what are you doin’ about it? Just go out and start talkin’ to people. Get your business card. Start putting it around. You know, people go, “Ah, I want to do a letterbox drop.”

Do you know what’s better than a letterbox drop? Personally grabbing that brochure and going door-to-door and talking to people. Because you are your brand, right here, this is the brand, you know? What we do is our face.


Thanks so much for listening. Remember, we got a new Facebook group, it’s called Business Growth Tools, the link’s below. Stick with me, and I’ll see you next video. Thanks very much for your time.