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by | Apr 28, 2020 | Video


Hey, it’s Mike here from M Business & Marketing Solutions and Tradie Australia


Tonight I want to talk about hashtags or not. Do we hashtag or do we not do hashtags? Where do we hashtag? Do we hashtag on Facebook? Do we hashtag on Instagram? What’s it all about? 


There are some pretty crazy hashtags out there. Somebody goes out shopping “hashtag”.  They go out shelving, “hashtag”.  Do you know what I mean? How is this relevant to your business? 


Or they might put a post up about you know a special and then they’ll put in, you know, #ThreeGreen OlivesForOne. Like how do you do it? Cause often I see hashtags and I go, what’s it about? Like does it really matter? Let me give you some, some ideas about it. 




Hashtags originally moved to for Twitter, then they moved over too, of course, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.  




I think it’s good but I don’t think it’s as important as Instagram. You’ve got your Instagram followers that you do a hashtag and then you know you put it out there. But I think the main challenge that everybody has is what to post. What do you actually post? 


Let me give you an example site. For instance, I might want to do a few. I’m a kitchen renovations company. I’m all, I want to do a few posts on say for instance famous kitchens. So I might put some posts up of, of somebody with a famous kitchen. So then what I’ll do the best way to find out, you get on to Instagram and you just start posting famous kitchens, kitchens of the rich and famous, and you’ll start to see a term what you’re wanting to do with the hashtag.




So if someone goes to have a look at famous kitchens or that type of thing, there’s the hashtag. The thing is you don’t want to get it too popular because where as soon as you do it, it’s a bit like Facebook. As soon as you do it, that hashtag or that post will go down to the bottom. So each time you do a hashtag, it’s important that you do something that’s relevant and something that’s going to drive traffic to what you wanting to do search wisely. 


So let me give you another example. If I’m a kitchen company and I put in kitchen renovations, um, and I’m, and I’m doing say kitchen renovation ideas. So I might do a blog or I might do a post about it.  If you’re looking to do a kitchen, what are some of the ideas that you need to do? You know, if you’re wanting to do a kitchen, I might do an article about the pros and cons of getting the front of the kitchen raid down or completely pulling the thing out and putting it back in.

So what would I, what hashtag would I put? Well, I’d start going into Instagram and, and start to put in the terms kitchen renovation ideas and kitchen renovations. Try and find terms that aren’t too popular. People are still going to search for, and that’s the best way. 


So if someone’s going to type into Instagram kitchen ideas or you know, kitchen, kitchen renovation ideas, your Postmate come up and then they start following you and then away we go. So that’s the whole concept around hashtags. 


So what I would suggest that you to do is this, I would go and I would start searching for your main core services. You know, your main core things that you do. And I’d start searching in Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter and I’d start putting those terms in it. I find your generic ones that you’re going to have, find those and then put them.


If you’ve got an iPhone, put them into your notes. You know there’s the notes application, and then you’ve got those hashtags there all the time that you can actually copy and paste. So once you do that, then it’s easy. And then if you do something like famous kitchens or kitchen renovation tips or something completely different, that’s when you can search for something that’s going to be specific to your article or your posts that you’ve actually done. But you’re still going to put up those hashtags that are general to your business. 


Uh, how’d that make sense? That’s hashtags.




I don’t do a lot of hashtags on Facebook. I just think, you know, it does work. If I put a hashtag on Facebook, if I go up to the search, you could do this and the results. If I go up into the search results and I go hashtag um, you know, website design or hashtag social media or hashtag hashtags, hashtags, whatever that you wanted to do, it will work. But I just don’t know whether or not people are going to search that on Facebook. 


Yes. On Instagram, Instagram, definitely. Definitely on Twitter. Prove me wrong. If you’ve got a different opinion posted for me, I’d love to. I’d love to listen and, and get some ideas. Great talking to you today and I’ll talk to you very soon.