Google Snack Pack for Your Toowoomba Business


Have you heard about the Google Snack Pack that has been the talk of the town lately? Yes! People are excited about it because Google ranks this based on your company’s good online credibility.



SEO Google Snack Pack

So how can it help your Toowoomba business?

SEO Google Snack Pack highlights businesses with high customer review ratings – this sets them apart from the competition. Thus, the more positive reviews you receive online, the more likely for Google to spot your business and put you in this elusive page rank.


What information is included in the Google Snack Pack?


A must for any Toowoomba business who wants to belong in the Google Snack Pack list includes completing the following information:

  • Business name
  • Business description
  • Website
  • Categories
  • Number of reviews
  • Short description
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Star rating average* (Subject to customer reviews)
  • Business images
  • Business hours

When selected, your page will show in this manner:

Google Snack Pack Toowoomba


Are you interested to put your Toowoomba Business into Google’s Snack Pack list? Let’s talk.