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Just recently Google has released an update to its core algorithm for September 2019. 

This update includes modifications to the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm. The September 2019 Core Update can actually be applied globally since it touches markets and search indexes.

Read on to find out new information, analysis and other things that you need to know about the Google Update.


The Roll-out

 Google has already announced in advance the release of the core algorithm update through their Google Search Liaison Twitter feed. This update can affect the main workings of the ranking algorithm.

On another tweet of Danny Sullivan, Liaison Officer of Google Search, he gave few details about the update and said that the roll-out would take a few days to be entirely completed.

For the year 2019, Google selected a new communication plan for its Google Updates. The said update started in the month of March and June.


Impact & Analysis

There are no chances yet to make real conclusions about the impact of the Google September 2019 Core Update. In fact, the previous Core Update in June 2019 doesn’t show any consistent trend. 

However, there are reports from the Twitter SEO scene saying that financial and healthcare services have been affected. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz created a poll on twitter asking who have seen changes in rankings after the update.

As of now, Google is still doing its fine algorithm adjustments for customer issues including money and health.


How SEOs and Webmasters Can Act

Google released a post on its Google Webmaster Blog last August 2019 talking about the changes to the algorithm made by Core Updates, and how SEOs and webmasters can act if affected by a Google Core Update. 

You might notice your ranking drops after an update. Don’t panic. The changes made are concentrated on improving the evaluation of content. The said changes also show that websites that were recently poorly overlooked, or not given enough attention, now perform greater and vice versa. 

Here are some recommendations made by Google for SEOs and webmasters whose websites are affected by a Google Update:  

  1. Focus on offering only the best content
  2. Consider questions about these four aspects when auditing a website:


  • Presentation. Do you have a well researched and produced content? Do pages load appropriately on different devices?
  • Quality. Does the website contain original and quality content? Does it have an appealing page title and description? 
  • Competitive Comparison. Does the website provide an added value when compared to its competitors? Does the content satisfy the user’s expectations?
  • Expertise. Is the content reliable? If you are going to ask yourself, will you be trusting the website?


Answer these questions as honestly as you can. Then compare your website to your competitors especially on the quality of the content they offer.