Google Bert Update: What you need to know

FACTS: Google reported 3,234 updates in a year, which is roughly 9 updates in a day last year. Most are minor changes, with a few major algorithmic updates – this includes the Google Bert Update.


So what is it all about?


BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. 


What the heck does that mean?


Let us simply. It means that it is a process wherein Google added to its algorithm for it to better understand natural google processing.


So how does this affect your Google Page Rank?


Neil Patel shares these images:

sample Google BERT update

Notice that prior to the BERT update, when someone queries brazil traveller to USA need a visa, previous Google queries will reveal results pertaining to a US citizen who wishes to go to Brazil even without a VISA. 


Sadly, this is not what the searcher is looking for. What he needs is information on how to go to the USA if he is from Brazil. The BERT update understands this better thus providing with better and more accurate information. 


This means giving importance to account prepositions, which were previously taken for granted, such as “FOR” and “TO.” This also implies an additional focus on these types of queries:


  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional


This is HOORAY to google searchers because they can easily find the information they need without going through endless search results.

But how does this affect your SEO efforts?


For companies performing white hat tactics, like M Business and Marketing Solutions, this is a win-win. Here, we write for the people and not for the robots. It is not primarily to make the content rank on top but to deliver quality pages that give value to the readers. So, this means better page ranking for these efforts we have always been doing all this time.


BAD news for those who are just playing with keywords in their content because they will soon see their ranks drop.


We have already felt improvements with our site keywords upon implementation of BERT. Just look at it below:


Google BERT update


What should you do about it?


If you are still working with an SEO company that practices black or grey hat tactics, it’s time to make the shift.


Patience is a virtue, and this is true even here in the SEO world. We take value in the content that we produce to ensure you rank on top of page results. This means investing hours in research and keyword analysis to know the perfect combination for your campaign.


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