Tradies are more likely to face these business challenges gaining new clients

Quoting Against Competitors
Going to do a quote and finding out multiple people are quoting on the same job; and some cowboy will do the job for next to nothing

Tyre Kickers
Being constantly interrupted by the wrong type of enquiry which often focuses on price over quality

Clients not waiting till your available
Being booked out for months is great until you lose good customers to a competitor because they don’t want to wait

Uncertainty of future jobs
It is difficult to plan your life and build your business when you are not sure when your next project is coming in

Not sure how to scale your business
You get plenty of quotes, however you are not securing the right jobs for your business to scale. So, you don’t know how to scale your business beyond YOU

Being a business owner, you may be facing some of these challenges when it comes to gaining new clients

Are you sick of having to go to quotes 5 other people and some of person will do the job next to nothing?


Are You attracting the wrong type of enquiry which often are focusing on price?


Are you booked out for 5 months in advance and don’t want to lose the clients that don’t want to wait?


Are You not sure when your next project is coming in?


You get plenty of quotes, however you are not securing the right jobs for your business to scale. So you don’t know how to scale your business beyond you

Why do you need to find the tools to free up your time and improve your cashflow?

1. You’ll have more time to work on your business and focus on what you do best

Those clients who are attracted to your work because of the quality and attention they get from working with someone like you? They don’t require much hand holding or babysitting because they understand that it’s not about them, but what they’re getting out of working with an expert in their field. It’s about their goals being met along the way. These are typically people who have faced similar challenges as yours and want to take a different approach this time around – one that is going to be successful for them without having a lot of trial-and-error pain points along the way.

2. Your marketing will be easier and you’ll get better results from it

The right clients are also the best clients in the world. You have a client that is so happy with your work they become loyal. They refer you to friends, colleagues and family members that they know will be a good fit for your business. This means all of the hard marketing work you put in pays off because your clients are doing it for you.

3. You can price your services more competitively with the right client

If you’re looking for a way to price your services more competitively, then the right client is often all that’s needed.

Every small business owner has their own idea of what makes a good customer: some want customers who come in regularly and make large purchases; while others prefer clients who only purchase once or twice but pay more per transaction; still others need new customers constantly because they offer memberships or subscription-based products. The truth is, there really isn’t just one type of customer that will work best for your business–you’ll have to figure out which ones are best for you by doing research into your target market.

Still can’t figure out the right client for you. Read our previous blog about it.

4. You will have a steady flow of income

Do you find it tough to keep up with your business? Your small business would do better if you had more clients, right? You might think that the best way to grow is by doing more marketing. While that’s true, what many people don’t realize is that the most important thing for growth is having the RIGHT client. A client who not only pays well but also gives you a steady flow of income because they are loyal and refer their friends to your business too.

So rather than finding too many clients, it is better to go and search for that ideal client for your business. Afterall, you would want to work with people who are loyal and will give you a steady flow of income rather than just one-time projects.

5. Planning for the future is much easier

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve had to turn down jobs in the past because they were too big for your company. But what if there was an easy way to plan for future jobs so that this wouldn’t happen again? Well, there is! You can do it with the right client.

It’s much easier to plan for future projects when you know how many hours they are going to take up each week, and if there are any potential conflicts with other clients’ deadlines

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