5 SEO Mistakes | The Reasons Why You're Losing Your Customers

Wondering why you’re losing your customer even if you have everything set up on your online store? Maybe because you don’t recognise that you are making these 5 SEO mistakes that are a vital part of running a business online.  This article will help you understand these 5 SEO mistakes and avoid losing your customers again.


Mistake #1: Not optimising your website for it to become mobile-friendly


Did you know that the number of mobile users in Australia is continuously increasing in number? Yes, and almost around 7 to 10 billion searches (per day)  come from Google. Thus, making and keeping your website mobile friendly is critical for it to be visited by these large number of people.


What should you do to optimise your website? Consider these:


  1. Ensure that your site’s content is not on horizontal scrolling (squinting) only. That’ll be hard for mobile users to navigate.
  2. Boost your page’s loading time. Make sure it’s quick enough because no one would like to wait for a page that’s been taking a lifetime to load right?
  3. Keep everything easy to find such as your product page, price lists, order form, and subscription list. This will make your customers at ease as they won’t need a map to find what they’re looking for in your website.
  4. Try your website on your own mobile phone to experience it first hand. Make sure that your buttons are working well and your website is easy to navigate through a mobile phone.


Mistake #2: Not fixing or eliminating broken links 


How would you feel when you got directed to a page of nothing after clicking the link that said it has what you need? Frustrating isn’t it? This will most likely cost you to lose your customers. It shows unreliability for your page and that’s bad for your business.


See to it that if you’ve changed a URL that’s connected to your website, make an update on your main page. Broken links can occur if the URL is changed without updating it on the main page. Make sure to always keep track of your website’s links to keep it reliable for your customers.


Mistake #3: Not getting the most out of your “Google My Business Page”


Google My Business page is, yes, owned by Google, of course. That itself already makes it indispensable for SEO. if you don’t have this page yet, here’s what you have to do:


  1. Sign up here.
  2. Make sure to provide all necessary information about your business such as the address, contact number, URLs, pricing, and map.
  3. Add images that are relevant to your items or category.
  4. Use local keywords that are most related and significant to your listings.
  5. Always keep track of your listing because customers can edit them.


Once done, ensure to create ads or post to promote what are your business offers.


Mistake #4: Not making optimal use of voice search


One of the biggest trends in SEO is – ta-da! – Voice search!


In fact, there’s an increasing popularity rate of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. It’s no wonder since most people these days want to take things on the easier side.


Good thing is, optimising voice search is just a pint of a beer. Let us show you the ropes.


Think like a customer. Voice search can be used in specific ways such as – asking a question. Now, think of the questions that will most likely bring customers to your website.


Keep these things in mind:


  • Keep attention on long-tail keywords like Where, Best, New, Top-rated, and How to.
  • Ensure that your page loads quickly so it’s easier to find by voice search.
  • List down and answer the most questions that can be asked about your products and services, then answer them on your site. You can also use the questions as your keywords.
  • See to it that you incorporate local keywords in your title and meta descriptions. Most often, searches come from the locals, so don’t forget to include your city’s name or words like “near me”. It’ll help your website to be filtered on the top of search engine result page.


Recreate your website content with voice search (as much as possible) to attract more customers in your way.


Mistake #5: Not taking notice of your review section


Reviews from your customers are significant to your website’s integrity and reputation. Customers often rely on the review section in their quest to finding the right purchase or the right shop to deal with. This helps them to get to know how dependable your services and products are.


If you were neglecting it for long now, you might not be noticing that your customers are shooed away because of this. Now is an ace time to take your reviews seriously. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check if your business information is accurate and updated
  • If you have regular customers, ask them a favour to give a review of your products and services
  • Assign a person (if possible) to handle and respond to both negative and positive review real-time.


Tip: You can ask help from professional writers to write a review about your business then feature it on your website and social media accounts. This will boost your business’s integrity and reputation thus you will gain your customer’s trust and attention.


SEO might be constantly changing but with round-the-clock checking and modification, you can secure your business is working in its tip-top shape.


Fix these SEO mistakes now and avoid losing your customers again.



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