We already know the importance and benefits of SEO (search engine optimization) for businesses.

By simply improving it, you can work to expand your visibility on various search engines, which includes Google, Bing and Yahoo, to help reach and engage more customers. How do you do this? Here are the factors you need to consider. Read on.

Factors That Impact Your SEO Brisbane - Toowoomba

Off-Page SEO

Aside from 
On-Page SEO  that we have discussed in the previous blog, we also have Off-Page SEO. But unlike On-Page SEO, you do not have direct control over. Nevertheless,  there are ways to improve your chances of having Off-Page SEO to work towards your advantage. These are some of it:


  • Links

You can build your off-page SEO through backlinks. However, you have to be mindful since spamming sites with your links can get your site to be banned from search engines. The easy way to do this is to build rapport with influencers who create quality content and who will link back to your site in their own content.


  • Social

Social signals such as likes and shares are also important off-page SEO factor. You have to look for quality shares from influencers to boost SEO. Make sure to publish only quality content so people will share your content with others.


  • Trust

This is an important factor in a site’s Google ranking. This is how Google identifies whether you have a legitimate site that visitors can trust. And the perfect way to improve your trust is through building quality backlinks from sites with authority.

You may not have direct control over what happens outside of your organization, however by simply creating and publishing quality content, you can increase your chances of improving off-page SEO. 

The more interesting your content is, the more likely others will share it on social media. The more people trust your content, the more search engines will trust you.


Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO


There are two approaches that organizations use when it comes to optimizing their sites for the search engines — black hat vs. white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO involves tactics that focus on optimizing content only for the search engines. It doesn’t mind the human visitors that will read and navigate the site content.

This kind of approach to SEO produces pages that are hard for people to read and will only look like spam. The sites may rank more quickly than those that are optimized properly, but these are more likely to be penalized or banned by the search engines quickly. 

Black hat SEO destroys the organization’s chance to build a site that is sustainable and able to bring in potential customers in the coming years.

White hat SEO is found to be an effective approach when optimizing your website for the search engines and having a sustainable business online. 

This approach to search engine optimization involves focusing on the human audience who will be reading the site’s content. Its goal is to produce the best content possible that is easy to read and navigate for visitors, at the same time following the search engine’s rules for optimization.



There are different factors that impact your SEO ranking but the best way to rank and have a sustainable online business is to follow SEO best practices and create effective content that your visitors will find valuable. This may take time but it will definitely bring in new organic site traffic in the years to come.

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