You know the holiday season is up when you start seeing:

  • Promos
  • Deal
  • Sale
  • Offers

This is the result of every business owner’s mindset, “How do I sell more this holiday season.”

Drive Great Traffic to Your Brisbane Website with PPC

Now, this is a critical decision you need to make, especially in Aussie land. 


Soon after the offset of the holiday season is over, you’ll feel a cold decline with queries and sales because families will be out enjoying the long holiday break. Thus, it is even more important for you to crack those sales record and grab the opportunity where people are most likely going to buy something online.

Here’s how PPC can help.


What is PPC?


Pay-Per-Click Campaign is often associated with Google Ads, (FB has a similar offer in mind, which we will also discuss in the next blog). This is a form of online advertisement offered by Google wherein you, as the advertiser, is charged every time someone clicks through your ad. 

That is win-win solution compared to ads that are being charged per “impression.” 


When someone clicks through your link, they land to a dedicated landing page to your website, which provides them with more information about your promo or deal. Here’s the catch: Your landing page should be well written and structured that it converts your reader to a customer. 

Interested to learn more about landing pages. Talk to Mike.


Why should I bother with Google?


At an average, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. Do you want to know how many that means? 

Click this link:

That’s a lot of people using Google to find different information online. This includes products and services they need this holiday season. 


So how do you begin cracking your PPC campaign?


Consider using any of these suggested promos by Search Engine Journal:

1. Use time-stamped promotions such as early bird specials and doorbusters.

2. Give discounts such as a percentage off of the whole store, certain items, or specific service you wish to promote.

3. Considering a spend threshold for them to qualify to a discounted promo. 
(Example: get $20 off when you spend $50 or more.)

4. Give a free gift for bundled packages

5. Offer free shipping or shipping guaranteed by a certain date.


Now that you have thought of a campaign that will match your holiday deal or offer. It’s time to look for a digital marketing company that can help you cost-efficiently execute it for you. Call us on 0447 776 970.


Otherwise, learn more about the different digital marketing services we offer to various locations in Queensland.