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Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising in QLD | The Comparison

In these times where the old is continuously exiting and new trends are expanding, the global advertising industry is also changing real quick. For business owners in QLD, advertising their product is significant in reaching their target market. So choosing the right approach is essential.

Every single penny spent on advertising is important. Whether it’s a small or large business. Now, with a lot of options to choose from, which one suits you? See here the difference between traditional and digital advertising and which one is better.

Traditional Advertising in QLD


Traditional advertising had been used since then to reach people. It goes through newspapers, radio announcements, flyers, and TV commercials in QLD. It’s easy to reach the local market. Flyers and newspaper suit a business that is working in one town.

Through traditional advertising like flyers, people can easily hold on a business’ information. They can pin it on their fridge or organizers and call on if they need their service.


Traditional advertising can cost more compared to digital advertising.

This may sound unbelievable but this is a fact. 

Printing fee is needed for material such as papers for flyers then there’s a mailing fee payment for the distribution of these materials. 

Why is a mailing fee needed?

Paper flyers don’t encourage larger engagements. Thus, the need to mail these out to potential clients. 

This does not happen with digital advertising. You may only need to design one and use social media, email, and other online resources to have it distributed. This makes it cheaper and simpler. 

It is also difficult to measure the reach and efficacy of traditional advertisements. For example, you can’t measure which product or services the customer will choose after seeing your advertisement. You can’t check if the advertisement had been effective or not. With traditional advertising, the sale rate is the only proof you can count on to see if the advertisement had done its job.

This leaves you and your marketing team in the dark. 

Digital Advertising in QLD

Its digital era now, so its no wonder if digital advertising has taken up its toll on traditional advertising. It’s becoming the popular choice especially with businesses that have a limited marketing budget. With just a few hundred dollars, a business can make their products and services known. No need to spend thousands in order to secure the best spot in TV and radio ads.

You can easily hire a digital marketing company who can work on your advertisement. They can manage social media posts and search engine for you. The cost of this will depend on the digital marketing strategy you chose. With digital advertising, reaching out to more people cost lesser thus makes you more known since more people are on the internet now.


Sharing ability

Unlike with flyers, with digital advertising, your prospect consumers can easily share the good news. With just a click, they can easily spread out information about your products and services. Thus reaching more and more potential client for you. Make sure that your ads are engaging to ensure that you can hook up people with it.

Hire a professional digital marketing agency in Brisbane or Toowoomba to create a digital advertisement that is worth a thousand share. Learn more about our social media marketing services, today. 

Brand development

An updated social media accounts and website with quality content increases a business’ value. High-quality contents help build-up your brand. Thus leading to larger awareness for your business and creating more lead generation chances. Once your brand is developed, you can reduce marketing efforts later on.

Success tracking

Running a campaign on social media or Google, the success rate of an advertisement can be easily tracked. Real-time tracking is available with digital advertisement. There are tools that can be used to check which one is working for you and which is not. Tap a professional digital agency to help you with this. With digital advertising, your ad targets and budget controlling is just in the click of your hands.

Better gameplay

Large nationwide companies are probably out there paying tons for different advertisements to work for them. Competing with them through traditional advertisement will be hard for you. A well-planned high-quality digital advertisement with a professional digital agency will make an edge for you. It’ll create better gameplay for your business especially if you’ll work with a solid digital agency. Their expertise will help you and your business compete easier.

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