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How Can A Toowoomba-Brisbane Digital Advertising Strategy Help Your Business



Last Monday, we have discussed how early planning can help you better prepare for the holiday season. Today, we share with you the many advantages and benefits a digital advertising strategy can bring to your Toowoomba-Brisbane campaign. Read on to know more. 


Choose your digital advertising strategy


Here are the most popular digital channels you can use for your holiday campaign:



Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is an effective choice to market your promotions during the holidays. 

How does it help?


Let’s look at the facts first. 

Approximately 2% of first-time website visitors buy or complete a form online. So what happens to the remaining 98%? Where do they go?

They go and search around hoping to find other deals. Before you know it, they wouldn’t even remember they have visited your website. 

Retargetting helps remind them that they have once shown interest in one of your products or services.This is done through the “cookie” that is set on their browser. Thus, they are constantly reminded that they have looked at one of your products and services.   


Email marketing

Email marketing requires a strategic approach. Otherwise, your efforts can easily go to waste.

So how do you make it work towards your advantage?

Begin by analysing your database. Divide it based n your customer’s buying history. See what they like. Then craft a unique newsletter that will fit the taste and preferences of these groups.

You may also send them holiday wishes as part of keeping in touch with them. 


Pay per click (Google Ad Words)

Running a campaign through google ad words can maximise your sale during the holiday season. This will make your business stay visible on the search result on Google, especially if you have very competitive keywords.

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Social media

Make sure to have a regular post on schedule especially for your:

  • Holiday promotions
  • Product sales
  • Other business updates

Make a schedule of what to post on your business accounts. Use your business social media account to advertise your products and create a good connection with your customers.

You may need to hire additional staff for this one to help your social media accounts updated. The festive season is hectic, your staff can cover up the posts and responds to customer’s inquiries for you.

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Blog post

Plan your blog post. Make sure to promote your products that are in the season. Your customer will be looking for it. 

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Prepare your website


Make sure to check the following for your website:

  • Is your website mobile user-friendly? More people are now using their phone to shop online.
  • Is your site ready for the traffic? You should expect a burst in the website traffic during holiday seasons.
  • Have you checked your order/inquiry forms and check out process? Make sure that it is all working fast.
  • Are your sites loading fast? 
  • A survey from Google found that 47% of consumers in Australia leaves a page that takes loading longer than 3 seconds. So make sure to test and prepare your website’s loading process.
  • Check for broken links in your website.
  • State clearly the cut off dates of orders and delivery. Also, include your operating hours. If possible, add an order online, delivery, and store pick-up options.  

Get these things in order so your customers will have a pleasant experience with your website. This will make them come back for more.


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Take note of the important holiday dates

Make sure to pin these dates on your work boards. This will make you reminded of the festive events and get your business ready for each of them.

  • Queen’s birthday
  • Melbourne cup
  • Australia day
  • Hanukkah
  • October fest
  • Halloween
  • Christmas eve
  • Christmas day
  • Boxing day
  • New years eve
  • New years day
  • Chinese new year
  • Back to school




Hopefully, you can take on these tips and make yourself and your business ready for the happiest, busiest, and the most festive quarter of the year. Make sure to not forget to offer a return policy, extended warranties, and exchange policies. Also, adding other payment methods such as paying with credit cards can help you get ahead of the game.

Your business’ operation is important. Take these tips and be prepared but do not forget to enjoy the festive seasons with your loved ones! Happy holidays!