Toilet paper crisis! This must be the most obvious result of the Corona Virus in Australia. It may sound funny for some, but the Corona Virus has led not only households in a panic but also businesses. 

Save Your Business from Corona Virus with a Website


AUD struggled to fight against the USD, and many industries are looking for alternate manufacturers to get raw materials for their products. This is not mentioning the staff that may not be able to work for several weeks due to symptoms of the virus hitting on them.


With these soaring problems facing businesses in Australia, is there a way a business can remain calm and productive? 


Yes, there is a solution. Be visible online and keep your business alive with a website.


Why you need a website more than ever today due to Corona Virus?


If before people are urging you to get a website just to remain competitive, today you need one to stay alive. And this is no April Fool’s joke! Read on to learn why.


Low Foot Traffic In Stores will Drive More Online Sales


The effect of Corona Virus may last for a year at the least, as long as there is no found cure for this virus. This means fewer people will go to stores to purchase goods or enquire about services. Nevertheless, they will need to buy these items somehow. They will still need the help of a tradie to help fix their aircon, pipes, lights, and heater. They will still need someone to fix their kitchen, their garage, their pavement, their roofs and other maintenance jobs. 


How will they connect with you if you have no online presence? 


Sure they can call you via mobile or over the phone? But with few, to zero people, willing to hand-over fliers in supermarkets and restaurants, how can you market your business? The only way to do this is by owning a website and through online marketing. 


But I don’t have the budget to own a website?


STOP right there! Who says owning a website has to be very expensive? We understand your concerns and we are here to give you a solution that is within your reach. 


Let’s say we can give you a $1 website. Is that something that will give a smile to your face? After all its just $1, right?


We are not scamming you in any way. We are just here to help your business survive through the Corona Virus. Let’s talk. Call Mike on 0447 776 970 so we can draft a package that is perfect for your budget and needs. 

Otherwise, register your business FREE on this tradie directory listing.