Content Marketing for building your online presence

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Video



Hi everybody, Mike here from M Business and Marketing Solutions. Today,  I want to talk to you about content marketing and pretty much what content marketing is.


What is Content Marketing?


It basically is creating, planning, and sharing content across platforms. That’s pretty much it.


Why, why, why would we want to do that?


This is to continually be in touch with our clients. You know, just like in the old days you would be, you know, you might want to use things like newspapers or you might want to use directories or whatever else to stay constantly in touch.

Most important thing about content marketing

Content marketing continually gives you the place in the marketplace as an expert. So when I talk about the four essential content marketing strategies:




This is not just posting for the sake of posting. I mean posting clear, concise content that is there to help your customers. These are posts that give value to your customers.


Be the expert, be the person that if they are in trouble, guess what, who are they going to come to? So putting content out there is to give good quality content to help customers.


How do you do this effectively?


First of all, you need to know who your ideal client is and what they’re wanting to be able to have. What sort of content is important to them in their everyday life, in regards to your products and services.? How are you going to do that?


So, as I said, putting posts up now, I don’t want you to invent the wheel. I really believe that all of this can be repurposed. And what I mean by that, like right now I am doing content marketing.

So what I will do with this recording is I will save it. I will then post it across to Instagram. I will then post it across into YouTube. I would then take it onto and I would download what I’ve said into an article.


Each thing that I’ve said, I can take little snippets of what I’ve said, like content marketing is, and I can put some blurb on as a post. So pretty much you don’t need to put that much effort into the information of what you’re wanting to do.


The most important thing you need to do is just be consistent with it. So, you know, the four areas are social media posts, videos, blogs, email campaigns. That’s basically it. So I can do a post now and then, and we can talk about content marketing.


I then might do a blog about the site. I then might do an email campaign with that information. There are email campaigns now that can bee automated from the content that you put on your website.


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Create Templates


Another thing that you need to do to remain consistent and keep the content going is what’s called templates. You can create these templates on Canva.


So what I mean by that is that you can go onto Canva and you can create.  I post with the design already there, and then you might go and upload four content. I want to be able to do say five posts a week on a certain element. You might want to do four on certain like services or you know different areas which you service.


How to use CANVA for your templates.


So what you do is you to create maybe four or five elements in Canva. Each time you change the subject, you can easily change it but you can just keep the design. You just have to change the picture, the text the headings and you can then publish it away.


So that’s, that’s pretty much it. So you don’t want, you know, you don’t want this to be a major hassle in being able to get content through your social media profiles.


You are the expert.


You just need to use technology to be able to fuel the process. So let me go back over that again. So the full things are social media posts, videos, blogs, and email campaigns.


To make it easy, do one subject in a week. Like this week, I’m doing CONTENT MARKETING. You’re going to see another one on Thursday and I’m going to put some posts up about content marketing and how that’s really important. Then I’m going to be able to download all that information and put it into a blog. And then we’re going to upload it into YouTube for more videos. I’m going to send it over to Instagram. I’m going to paste it onto LinkedIn. I’m going to put it onto Twitter. I’m going to put things into Google My Business and away you go.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it, but the most important thing about content marketing is that you just keep doing it. You keep on being active. You keep on doing that. It’s the whole area of being consistent because that’s what content marketing is.


You being consistent in the marketplace. You standing above everybody else and saying, I’m the expert here when you’re ready to buy, come and see me simple as that. How have you enjoyed it? We’ll talk to you.