About Our Journey

About M Business & Marketing Solutions
The “M” in M Business & Marketing Solutions is for “MORE”. More Business, More Marketing Solutions and More resources for sales and business people with the intention to inspire, help, train, develop and achieve in sales and business; through effective Training, Website and E-Commerce Development, Search Engine Optimisation, E-Marketing and Social Media to gain a constant flow of new business.

M Business & Marketing Solutions is a national company providing marketing and training services across Australia. It was founded in 2008 out of Olivia & Mike’s desire to build a marketing company that consistently helps their customers achieve their marketing goals.

Olivia and Mike have unique skill sets that compliment each other. They both have extensive sales and marketing experience working for corporate organisations in the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

After leaving Brazil, Olivia spent 9 years in Japan managing a sales team of 60 sales & customer service staff. She has successfully worked in the both face to face sales and call centre environments. Olivia has worked In the telecommunications, investment and real estate sectors. Olivia speaks fluently 4 languages and is passionate about consistently keeping customer enquiry and support to the highest level.

Mike started marketing products in 1987. He has sold everything from security systems door to door to real estate. In 2000 he started his career in sales training and has worked as a trainer corporately in both the United Kingdom and in Australia helping companies and individuals achieving their goals.

For any questions you have on our products and services, please contact us on 0447 776 970 or email us on info@mbusinesssolutions.com.au