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Website links serve as one of the backbones of SEO professionals. Although some may argue; but, it is still a valuable component for page ranks. Thus, it is important to know what types of links can boost or downgrade your ranks.


8 bad links you need to know to avoid penalisation from Google


Here are some tips:


1. Press release links


Press release links were once a popular SEO method that doesn’t require much effort. You just need to write a press release and connect it to numerous press release sites and — ta-da, you get hundreds of links.


This SEO method got abused and so now, Google considered this as a link scheme because it’s very easy to exploit.


To avoid this from happening, avoid publishing on press release sites with excessively optimised anchor texts. Moreover, only use reliable sites when publishing posts. 



2. Numerous random NoFollow links


Want to fool Google by using randomised footprints to cover-up your junky link building? Well, you better think of this carefully. Google has become smarter over the decade.


Creating a randomised footprint that Google cannot detect can be very difficult to do, unless it’s truly random, especially if you’re using an automated program. 


Thus, its best to be careful with this tactic. You don’t want your site to push back on the far side of the result page, or worst to be subjective for any penalty from Google.



3. Followed and NoFollowed social bookmark links


This type of links is also considered manipulative in Google’s link building standards. Excessive use of social bookmark links can lead you to trouble. Why? Because they’re all placed manually which makes them junky and suspicious enough.


Thus, the reason social bookmarking has slowly died in the world of white hat SEO.



4. Blog comments


Here again, is one of the most-abused SEO methods — blog comments. Junky blog comments lead to nofollowed links, so it’s better to avoid them. It won’t work anyway.


But, there’s a right approach to blog comments — it’s by leaving relevant comments on current events on relevant sites.


Choose a reliable directory submission company who knows how to use blog commenting to your advantage. Let’s talk. 



5. Links from Automatic Link Building Programs


Programs such as Scrape box, GSA search engine ranker, and Xrumer surely can generate links for you, but, as the years have passed, it’s becoming less effective.


SEO experts now do not recommend the use of Automatic Link Building Programs because most likely, if SEO expert can think of this scheme, what more Google right? They could be two steps ahead of it. 



6. Directory submissions service


Using targeted and relevant directories to naturally build link is okay, just make sure that you’re not using low-quality directories and services as it can harm your site.


To ensure that you’re using top-quality directories and you’re ranking effectively, tap an expert digital marketing agency to assist you with this. This way, you’ll be able to maintain good rankings for your site without being penalised by Google.



7. Foreign guestbook links


Foreign guestbook links can be encoded manually or through an automatic program —  but these links are manipulative, thus with numerous of this links on your site, your ranks could go down.


If you really need to use foreign guestbook links, make sure to put a disclaimer.



8. Discussion forum links


We’re not generalising all discussion forums links, especially if the link is not manipulative or if it came from a trustworthy user or it’s from a good site, then you’ll want to keep it.


Still, if most of your links come from this type of link, it’ll look spammy and suspicious. Make sure to use a disclaimer for them.


Links that look junk or spammy will most likely not escape Google’s checking.





Now that you’ve known the bad links to avoid, you can now also avoid any penalty from breaking Google’s rules.


Just keep in mind that, not all links are bad. You just need to ensure that you’re using them correctly to ensure your ranks and site’s safety from any harm.


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