5 Things to Consider to Make Your Website Ready for Google Search

Is your website prepared to become listed in Google search?

Have you performed actions that will ensure that your website is known by Google?

If not yet, then read on to know how you can make your website appear on Google Search.

If Google does not know about your website, chances are, your potential clients won’t recognise you too. Being known by Google and appearing in Google Search is important for your site’s visibility. So let us show you how to make your website known by the famous Google.

Let’s move forward. To make sure that your website appears on Google search, below are the things that you need to consider.

1. Is Google familiar with your website?

This is the first thing you need to consider to ensure that your website will be listed on Google search. Google needs to know about your website, therefore, introduce it to Google.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Perform a site column search for your domain. A site column is a reusable column which you can assign to different multiple share points sites. If your site isn’t showing up, then Google might not know about your website.
  • Use Google Search Console, especially if you have a new website. You can go to Google search console, verify your ownership and submit your site. Then, Google will be able to recognise your other pages.
  • Use Google My Business (GMB) to easily locate your physical store. In GMB, you can easily add information about your business such as store hours, address, contact info, and a map for direction. GMB is free to use just make sure to keep your business information updated from time to time.

Now, after making sure that your website will appear on Google Search, here are the next things that you need to consider to prepare your website.

2. Is your website filled with high-quality content? Are you sure that you’re providing the best experience?

To make sure that your website will appear on Google search, see to it that it answers the questions above.

Focus on the things that make your business attractive, worthy, and unique. By doing this, you’ll be able to make your website stand-out in Google search. Just make sure to follow the webmaster guideline to avoid violating it, thus, increase your site’s ranking.

It’ll be a good idea to ask an SEO professional to help you with this. They know the standard policies and best practices to use.

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3. Does your website load fast, easy to navigate, mobile-user friendly, and can be accessed to any device?

Did you know that most google searches nowadays happen in mobile? Yes. according to ROI.COM.AU, 57% of all the search traffic on Google comes from mobile devices. So making your website suitable for mobile devices is a must.

To check if your site is loading quickly on a mobile device, go to g.co/mobile-friendly checker.

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4. Is your website safe to browse?

Internet users are now keen when it comes to safe browsing online. They value their information’s security. So, is your website safe from cybercriminals? Is the information taken from your visitors secured?

To makes sure that your website is safe, use a secure https connection. M Business can help you keep your site protected and free from suspicious malware that can put your visitor’s information at risk. Send us a message, we’re here to help. Read more about this topic, here

5. Are you planning to hire someone to work on your behalf?

This will be a good idea since SEO professionals know how to properly optimise websites and make your rankings higher.

With SEOs proper knowledge on the online industry, they’ll be able to take necessary actions to ensure that your website is prepared, thus, appears on Google search. Optimising your website can become stressful at times, especially for people who don’t have the right understanding. So hiring an SEO professional is beneficial for you and your business.

Is your website ready now to appear on Google search?

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